Starvation by Nomax



14 May 2017 at 13:15:44 MDT

Commission done for Fek on FA, big thank you to him, and he even got a little story snipped to go along which as usual i'll steal to make this description appear longer!

A scene from Fekkri's D&D backstory - a mutiny!

Fekkri was abducted as a kid by the North Wind Trading Co. He was thrown on a ship and shipped off to god-knows-where to be sold. His family wasn't anywhere to be found on the ship - he assumed they were dead.

Fekkri wasn't cut out for slavery, though, so he cooked up a plan to stay on the ship and work with the slavers. As terrible as his situation was, he took some solace in the openness of the sea, and figured he'd rather serve on the ship than do whatever it is he'd be forced into doing on the mainland.

Over time, though, Fekkri's plan to "play along" crumbled. He was desensitized, then broken, and by the end of it, no better than the people who had taken him.

It wasn't until he saw himself in a young tabaxi kid, 10 years later, that he realized how far he'd let himself go. Crushed by the things he'd done, he worked with the kid to poison the crew, arm the slaves, and spark a mutiny - pictured here.

As usual, characters belong to Fek

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    Very much in tune with the story. this would make a fine color plate in a novel.

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      Thank you very much :)

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    The brush in this piece is incredible!

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      Thank you ^..^