Prints Available! by Nomax

Prints Available!


14 June 2017 at 12:19:42 MDT

If you're interested in prints or other goodies such as mugs,acrylic blocks or phone cases with my artwork head over to: (offers a much higher artist share)


Hey folks,

dejavu? No, i simply switched print providers to Redbubble and INprnt. Why? and Why both of them you might ask? Simple really, RedBubble has the advantage of offering a rather staggering amount of options, so that if someone wants something chances are they're going to find something they enjoy! From regular prints, to canvas prints over more unusual stuff like training or grovery bags.
But why INprnt as well, given that they only offer regular prints and phone cases? Quite honestly because of the rates they offer. Their arist share is significantly higher than redbubble while keeping prices reasonable. So if you want to go for a regular print or a phone case and go in with the idea hope that the most money actually ends up in my hands to support what i do then the option to use INprnt is there!

One way or another however i want to thank anyone who picks up anything in advance, whether redbubble or INprnt , both ultimately mean that they help allow me to do what i do! :)

One last thing though, with them being mainstream platform it of course means that no adult pictures will find their way on there, and on redbubble you have to disable the mature filter at the bottom of the page to see one of the current pictures. Just keep that in mind, it's unfortunate given how much of my artwork is adult centered, but none of the current options are perfect , so we'll just run with this!

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