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back and new. And with Pateron!

on 29 September 2016 at 13:51:55 MDT

Hello fluffies, how are ya all doing?

It's been a while. I needed to take a break. From art. A ton of things been hapenning through the past year. I moved basically over sea, I'm in Scotland at the moment with a dear friend, I have a new workspace but not yet a new desk alone(my workplace is a coffee table and a sofa so old that upon sitting on it you almost fall into a hole). The climate is killing me x'D but people are nice.

I spent my break on settling in, reading most of The Song of Ice and Fire, having a normal job, thinking too much and then feeling really bad, traveling a bit. Tried to get back to drawing in february, at NFC. Took me all the way until now to really miss creating stuff. Should an artist feel the need to draw all the time, non-stop? I hope not, because I don't. I do more when I have no pressure on me. You know, like in the long past times when I had no access to the Internet and no pursuit for career.

There might be some new accounts in the future. I wanted to drop Bluari and start anew but I rather keep this brand since I worked so hard on it. And yea, it's a brand. Nothing more, another project. Neutral attitude to just create stuff and go forward. I would like to start new projects though.

I'm not openning new commission slots for bigger pictures yet, not before I finnish all other things I should do a long time ago. There can be occassional YCHs.

So far confirmed conventions for 2017 are NordicFuzzCon and Gdakon.

I'm relaunching my Patreon right here !!

And here's a little promotional poster that I don't think I will be posting into the gallery here because it seems lame, gallery is for art, not advertisments.

I used to have Patreon before with monthly pledges but that didn't work well for me so I came up with an idea of art bundles that I will post when I make enough stuff c:. That way there will be no pressure that I wont make decent amount of new art for you, if I will be busy with other work or whatever.

There will be regular and illustration bundles. All 5$ per one. Regulars will contain sketches, speedpaints, studies, concept drawings, work-in-progress shots and such, mostly not conected to eachother. And illustration bundles will be little documentaries of whole process of creating a full colour image.

I made myself a system of points depending on complexity of the drawing in a single file so every bundle will have the same "weight" in content. I also wont be posting more that 3 bundles per month so you don't have to worry about suddenly paying a fortune in one month.

I'm working now on putting together new material to post but already you can view all posts from the past.

Please, visit the link for more details c:

Of course it will expand if I get more patrons ; n ;. Right now I go to work, save money, resign(not going on holiday), make some art, and when money ends I go back to my work, when the recruitment is up(good that at least I like it, as I said, people are super cool). The only reason why I'm not a starving artist is because I can work magic with simple products, haha! ;> But seriously now. I tried to split my time for work and doing personal art projects but it came out to be tough so again I'm trying freelancing. I want to work up another step further. I will be super glad if you decide to pay for results c:.
So that we can finally move forward with that comic with mfarley mfarley ; 3 ;. Damn, I need to make some teaser for that...

What more to say.... please tell me if you play Guild Wars II x'D I'd love to meet more noobs to noob around with me.

Well, that's that... meet you in the comments section under my new art, haha xD

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    fffft. All this contact info and not a telegram or skype. :P also check yer FA.

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    You sexy <3

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      Oh youu, don't make me blush <3

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    you are welcome, not often one see soft pastel crayons work or oil pastel ^^;
    difficult medium but it sure has a different feeling to it because of the texture :J

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      And hopefully there will be much more!
      Oh, it's really a matter of what you're comfortable with. I also used to think oil pastels are really difficult. Until in art school I learned a good way to use them c:

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    Thank you very much for +Following me!! :D

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      You're welcome : D I've been watching you from some account on dA, maybe here I can have a better eye on you ;3

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        Haha aw! ^^ You'll find more artworks on my DeviantART though. I'll only upload the colored artworks here, I think. You'll find sketches and doodles on dA if you're curious to see.