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My current icon is by noiserut

Hellloooo. You can call me Wellow or Seta!

I like video games and comics and curry and coffee and cute things and creepy things! Oboy!

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Hi there!

HEY! I'll be more active here this year. Yay! \0/

I also post to these places: (Just a dumping ground really :D) (I post here when I remember I have it. Mostly for treasure hunting pretty arts) (If you're into FB pages, I post here verrrry casually) (I don't post here but I have one anyways LOL;;)

Okay, I think that's it. wheezes

Take care~!! Happy posting :D

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$ 40.00
Full Body
$ 75.00


Ink (traditional)

Full Body
$ 45.00


$ 15.00
Full Body
$ 25.00

• I accept my payments via paypal!

• I'm comfortable illustrating most characters, my gallery should give you a good idea of things I like to draw tho!

• These are personal commissions only

• You can contact me here or through e-mail:


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    i feel spiritually attracted to your art style and concepts~

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      Wow, thank you so much~!

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    Glad I found you here. I have to say, I adore your traditional stuff and you are one of the very very rare people who do digital that I can not always tell is digital!

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    yay hi hi! been a while since I seen your work, burired under all my da messages x-x so much improvement omg.

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      Awh, thanks so much! Your recent stuff is looking great too @ o @!

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    rolls all over your gallery
    Oh my gosh~ I totes didn't know you had an account here <3
    (This is AcidicAbsinthe from DA if you forgotten)

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      rolls around too Ouh, hello there! It's nice to see so many people over on Weasyl now @ o @ Hehe, yup, I kinda snuck on hear last year~

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        Yes it is<3 Im glad people are finally utilizing this more!
        And last year? wow im so lame, I had this since last year as well and didn't even know you had one!