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Clockwork Creature is an artistic costume and design studio specializing in one-of-a-kind realistic, theatrical, and macabre styles of creature costumes.

Who are we?

Qarrezel - owner, artistic director, fuzz expert

LaughingScarab - owner, lead fabricator, moldmaking and casting, screwball

Forgess - assistant artistic director, airbrush wizard

Velvet - seamstress, sewing machine wrangler

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Clockwork Creature has an Indiegogo!

We have set up a campaign on Indiegogo so that we can raise money to renovate our garage into a proper workshop space!


The story: We need a bigger workshop. Our current space - which is just what we set up as a temporary workspace after we moved here - is an 11'x11' bedroom. That’s 4 people’s jobs in a single room. We have to share the same workspaces, meaning that often one or more of us has to stop working to make space for another task. It slows down production. But most importantly, we only have about 60% of our production available in our current setup. We simply can’t work at full efficiency, or even use all of our tools and equipment.

We have a garage, which we intended to turn into our workspace when we bought the house - however it had a lot of issues (hidden moisture damage and termites!) and had to be gutted. It still needs extensive renovations in order to make it a functional workspace. What we need is money to help us finish the garage; giving us an expanded 17’x17’ work space plus storage loft, and allowing us to set up our full production abilities.

We have some very cool rewards for contributors, including a bunch of brand new t-shirt designs! AND, if we meet our goal, Mat has promised to do a dance, the recording of which will be available only to contributors! It will be amazing.

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Fullsuit: 1 color, moving jaw, no padding
$ 2800.00
Fullsuit: 3 colors, moving jaw, digitigrade leg/feet padding
$ 3300.00



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    So very glad to have found you here! Missed you on FA - but I know and completely understand why you left. Just so happy to watch you here now! <3

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    would you be open to giving me a fullsuit quote? im just testing the waters with my new fursona, just to see what range id be in so i could save up.

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    Keep the awesomeness flowin'! :D

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    I'm not the type to sport a fursuit , but I enjoy seeing the work and dedication being put into them. Your work is by far the best I have seen! Hell, -I- would wear a suit if I could afford one from here! +Watch <3

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    Hi! I'm new here to Weasyl, and I just so happened to stumble upon your works! These are quite the amazing suits!

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    Your work is -awesome-!

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    Didn't realize you guys were over here on Weasyl! +watch!

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    Hello, I think this was a fursuit of yours that was sported around at MFF?