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smooshkin wolfynail nambroth

For more information regarding my commissions and their prices,
Please have a look at my Commission Form

You can also see my current queue on my Trello Board


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Open For Commissions!

on 27 October 2017 at 16:52:02 MDT

Oh boy! It's been a while since I made one of these journals, eh?

I am incredibly lucky enough to have absolutely amazing clients,
(I <3 you guys!)
but as a result I tend to have a hard time declining work when
you guys ask for a commission (while I'm supposedly closed haha).

I have decided to try something a little different when taking on commissions!
I'm hoping that this method will also help me keep everything super organized
and allowing everyone to get a chance, while also cutting down on waitlist times
and so on and so forth.

Therefore! If you are interested in a commission from me, please help me stay sane
and see if this was a good idea by filling out my brand new commission form!

» «
(it also has prices on it)

As mentioned on the form, please only fill out one form PER commission type
(so if you'd like two different types of images from me, please fill out two forms)!

Also please note that I will only be taking on a limited number of slots (3?)
right now and it will not be first come first served!
(It will be competed in order of payment though)

I will email you a reply if you're chosen (and also update my Trello!)
as well as I will let you know if I don't feel I can do your commission idea at all.

I'm not sure at this point what to do with forms that don't make the cut
on this particular round as I have a feeling I'll have a hard choice to make
between all your amazing ideas, but I imagine that will become more clear
once I get some feedback and have a better idea of what workload I can handle.

So yeah!
Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about this process
(it is new for me so there may be a hiccup or two @__@)
and I look forward to seeing your form submissions!

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Full Body Pin-Ups

Flat Colour
$ 50.00
$ 70.00
add  Complex Clothing
from $ 20.00
to $ 50.00


One Character
$ 175.00
add  Additional Character
$ 80.00
add  Complex Clothing / Armor
$ 60.00
add  Firearm / Complex Weapon
$ 30.00
add  Vehicle
$ 60.00

Reference Sheets

Basic Reference Sheet (Front/Back)
$ 100.00
add  Detailed/Closeup Headshot
from $ 25.00
to $ 35.00
add  NSFW Version (+Cutout)
$ 30.00
add  Wings
$ 40.00


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    Really amazing work, wow o.o

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    Thank you for the follow! =)

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    You're a very good artist! I'm wondering if you could do silly situations in your style, I wonder what it would look like in the vain of Tails and Tactics x3 Maybe some day we're rich we'll try and get some arts from you! =D

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      Haha honestly I have no idea how that'd look! Could be interesting :D

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    Your historical sketches are quite impressive. Well done.

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    I find your art to be quite incredible - one day when you have a slot open please give me a shout.


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    thanks for follow :>

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    thank you for the follow