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skully by smooshkin



9 January 2016 at 22:17:51 MST

I really love Mastodons. uvu And I never see elephant anthros. This is Skully, the mastodon. I am not completely settled on his colouration yet.

Art, character © me

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    laughs SMoosh!!! What do you DO with all these OC's?!

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      Sometimes if I draw them 2+ times I stuff them into my and admire their prettiness. ;c ROFL. Otherwise it's an addiction. I just gotta create stuff. I'm sure you can relate. <3

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        I CAN, I just wish I had the bloody TIME for personal art like you do. I LOVE seeing all your designs hit my dash. I just kinda sigh wistfully at their colors and markings, and just observe their beauty with a stiff glass of envy.

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          Believe me, I don't have as much time as it looks like I do. I've been beating myself up the last couple days because I can't ever seem to find time to draw everything I'd like to. :C

          Thank you though.. TvT <3 I think rofl

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            Man, do I know how that feels. I'm sorry you haven't had much time to just sit down and have for yourself. Maybe sometime this year will be more fruitful for the both of us.
            (also, loving the icon dynamics, your guy looks completely disgusted of Grin. XD)

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    I don't see elephants much either! They're pretty swell animals though, it's too bad they're not more popular. Very cool-looking character!

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    on the never-see-elephants train too and ohhh this one is a gorgeous addition to the few I've seen!

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    also handsome

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    You did this really well