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TheDeafDriver / 27 / Male / Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Updates in late 2014 - early 2015.

Hello to my followers here on Weasyl! It been a while since last time I posted journal on here was couple of months ago. So, it's time for me to dusts it off and updates those things what I have forgotten to post to announce. Updates infos is at below: November 2014: In early November that is when…

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Today is my birthday!!! I officially turned 20 years old! :D

Hello to my friends and followers here on Weasyl! I'm here to announce that today on October 29th is my officially 20th birthday! HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY/HATCHDAY/BUFFDAY to me~! X3 It hard to believe that time has gone very fast and now I just officially left "teen" (After 19 years old. NineTEEN) and…

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My apologize for my inactivity

Hello to my followers here on Weasyl. I would like to apologize for my inactivity since last month for haven't posted any of my new artworks. I'm currently very busy and stressful for my course at my university this month as well in real life situations to deal with. I'm hoping this stress situatio…

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I finally passed the road test with my first try! :D

Hello to my friends and followers here on Weasyl. I'm here to announce in my real life update filled with a good news. I was very nervous about the road test this afternoon. However, a person who observed my skills is actually very nice person I have met. While driving around with directions until…

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Furaffinity Request OPENED! (link)

Hello to my followers here on Weasyl. I'm announced that on my Furaffinity account that I opened REQUEST at that time is the RAFFLE. There's a link of my FA journal for anyone that who interested to enter: **NOTE: If you have FA account and haven't watche…

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Got any questions? What I should draw next?

This is only journal for questions here on Weasyl. I'm wondering; do you have any questions that you wanted to ask me? got any ideas what I should draw next? (I got artblock for a while and still no idea what to draw next). :( ~TheDeafDriver

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im back

Hello to my friends and watchers here on Weasyl. I just got back from absent for two days due to my severe mental breakdown. My apology if someone seems worried about me or something. I'm currently improving my mood and trying to understanding about some specific situations in real life and DA, FA,…

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Taking a break for 1 or 2 days...

I need to take a break from DA, FA, and Weasyl for atleast one or two days. I just had experienced severe mental breakdown today... it really hurts me very badly... I don't feel like to talk about it now. I will talk about it later what's going on my situation... -TheDeafDriver

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All of my artworks from 2013 to present is now uploaded!

Hello to my followers and friends here on Weasyl! Since, I have reached more than 10 followers and I have decided to mass uploading all of my artworks from July 2013 on to current. I hopefully you'll check it out. Thank you very much for over 10 followers here on Weasyl! -TheDeafDriver

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Willing to resubmit my artworks here on Weasyl

If I ever reached more than 10 to 15 followers here on Weasyl then I will resubmitting the artworks that is dated way back from July 2013 (After my reference sheet was uploaded) to present. I know this site is still developing, slowly growing and brand new but that's my goal here on Weasyl to regai…

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I'm new to Weasyl

Hello, I'm new to Weasyl since some of my friend made Weasyl account has been increasing made me wanted to join this site. But, I may be not very active here until DA or FA broke down or other specific issues. I will post my artworks from November or December 2013 to present IF I reached more than…