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im back by TheDeafDriver

Hello to my friends and watchers here on Weasyl. I just got back from absent for two days due to my severe mental breakdown.

My apology if someone seems worried about me or something. I'm currently improving my mood and trying to understanding about some specific situations in real life and DA, FA, and Weasyl that I need to be confident, patient and forget about it the situations.

If you been wondering what is going on: I have faced the very similar situation as alchemy205 on FA and my journal last October included: had been struck me the hardest in my life. It's was like it shattered my heart that been never to restore again.

I'm really thankful to my friends on FA on Skype as well my mate trying their best to comfort my emotional situations to become positive situation. It may be a long difficult journey for me to go through it into happiness land to meets my needs.

Thanks for your time reading this journal.

PS: I would need to takes time for me to work on upcoming artworks as well comics. I also have to deal with busy at university that's where I currently attended. I hope you'll understand.

im back


25 February 2014 at 21:39:19 MST

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