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My apologize for my inactivity by TheDeafDriver

Hello to my followers here on Weasyl. I would like to apologize for my inactivity since last month for haven't posted any of my new artworks. I'm currently very busy and stressful for my course at my university this month as well in real life situations to deal with. I'm hoping this stress situations will be ease by next week so I can be able to focus on my own artworks instead practicing for updated drawing style.

My new upcoming artworks will be post it in somewhere in July once I gets calms down and is at free-stress level.

Plus, I'm majorly active on FA than on here Weasyl. Just in case to you my followers who didn't knew that I have FA account. Here's my FA account to check it out and maybe watched me on there as well:

Also, I'm more active on Skype as well. Sent me note if you really wanted to add to my contact list to hang out. ^.=.^

Thank you for your understanding. Plus, Thank you very much for 25 followers here on Weasyl, hoping to get some more in the future!

-TheDeafDriver 2014

My apologize for my inactivity


23 June 2014 at 18:16:04 MDT

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