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Updates in late 2014 - early 2015. by TheDeafDriver

Hello to my followers here on Weasyl!

It been a while since last time I posted journal on here was couple of months ago. So, it's time for me to dusts it off and updates those things what I have forgotten to post to announce. Updates infos is at below:

November 2014:

In early November that is when I finally got a job as an substitute Education Assistant (support students with special needs) for school board in my hometown! Horray! My goal for years and studied from my university has been finally paid off! It been doing very well at that time and even today. =)

December 2014:

Firstly, December month was pretty much pros and cons. Firstly, the cons part that my friends and I found out that doc on here Weasyl passed away on December 14 due to heart failure. Which is devastated to furry communities even us that we been knowing him since we met. He was a really nice guy I've met. R.I.P Doc...

Secondary, On pros part that my Christmas that year been doing great; better than chaos going on last year. Everything been normal as usual at that time. Another thing that my parents and I went to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada (an hour and half drive from home to Banff) for two nights, 3 days stay. We have have had fun with our trips before New Years arrives!

Lastly, the New Year 2015 actually went not bad but very quiet and nothing special going on at home. So I just watch TV and celebrate with parents, friends, my online friends and my mate. ^.=.^

January 2015:

There is no any important updates in January. Everything pretty much normal at that month since New Years celebration. I just came off a good start! =)

February 2015 and March 2015

Both updates in February and this month is pretty much the same (So... I summarized it together in short paragraph form). Ever since February until end of March that I have been really busy at work due to numerous work calls in to book me to substitute staff at school. That's what lead me having major artwork on hiatus due to tiredness and motivation loss.

But, now... I actually finally eventually got back to work on the artwork to catching up to do and requests that I owes to since January.

Finally.... very last, I'm officially on a Spring Break for 10 days!

~TheDeafDriver 2015

Updates in late 2014 - early 2015.


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