I'm new to Weasyl by TheDeafDriver

Hello, I'm new to Weasyl since some of my friend made Weasyl account has been increasing made me wanted to join this site. But, I may be not very active here until DA or FA broke down or other specific issues. I will post my artworks from November or December 2013 to present IF I reached more than 10-15 followers.

So, here's introduction about me: My name's Colin Steel (My sona's name is the same as my real name). I'm 19 years old and living in Alberta, Canada. I am mostly digital artist rather than traditional artist for muscle anthros, muscle growth, private part growth and macro. I am pretty quite well known on Deviantart and Furaffinity (same username) for couple of years. I'm hoping to have raised more followers here on Weasyl. I'm already mated to DragonMaster616 from Furaffinity for 10 months this February 1st.

Here's information about my sona: my sona' is a silver dragon-lizard with red stripes and his body type is around in range from muscular to bodybuilder, the gender is strongly male, and his age will be the same as my real age in real life (Age: 19 years old). His height is more than approx in between 10ft to 12ft tall. There is also anthro scaly version of Cochlear Implant on his right head which is the same idea as my cochlear implant in real life. He have the power that he have ability to grows his muscle as well his private part which is why his body type is always from muscular on way to more than bodybuilder that is unlimited as well included his height 10ft-12ft tall on way to unlimited height. Top three personal and favorite fetish is Muscle Growth, private part growth, and Macro.

Interesting facts about me: I am deaf person in real life and I wore cochlear implant since 1999 (3rd generation cochlear implant now which is hang-able cochlear implant on my right ear). I can speak English but depends on pronouncing and I used American Sign Language as well.

Thank you for reading this. I hope that I will be enjoy this site as my expectation. ^.=.^


I'm new to Weasyl


25 January 2014 at 18:38:57 MST

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