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I finally passed the road test with my first try! :D by TheDeafDriver

Hello to my friends and followers here on Weasyl. I'm here to announce in my real life update filled with a good news.

I was very nervous about the road test this afternoon. However, a person who observed my skills is actually very nice person I have met. While driving around with directions until arrived back to the same spot again and he told me that I was doing very fantastic at driving skills so I eventually passed the road test. It was one of the best day ever and now I have to wait to get my GDL license by mail in two weeks.

Meaning my username is now makes more sense, hehehe:


Deaf: I'm deaf person in real life.

Driver: Now, I officially can drive cars.

Now, beside this. There is the other news that I would like to announce. My own artworks to post on here will be delayed until when artwork is completed because of workloads from my university and real life situations. I'm hoping to finish them all by the early May and post it on here Weasyl and FA. So, I will have times to do my own projects in rest of the month of May to Early June with some practicing for anatomy skills and digital related to improve when needed. ^.=.^

Stay tuned for my future artworks! :)


I finally passed the road test with my first try! :D


27 April 2014 at 16:08:20 MDT

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    Welcome to the roads~

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    Just to say it out: I'm not deaf, but i didn't pass my driver's exam on the first try. It took me 3 tries, but i got it! So, i know how wonderful it feels!

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      Hehe, I see. It is indeed a good feeling about this. ^^