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Lyra Awakens

on 25 July 2015 at 08:01:51 MDT

My go to fictitious city for the past four years has been Lyre City. This has been the place where my (mostly sexy) stories happen. But the city itself has been just a backdrop. I've done some work fleshing out the locales of the place, but not much more.

Yesterday I decided to change the city's name. 'Lyre City' feels awkward to me. On top of that it has become a pet peeve of mine when places in fiction are named _______ City. Yes, there are cities in the real world that have 'city' in their name. But most do not. It just strikes me as lazy writing. So I changed it's name to Lyra.

This happens occasionally to me, in my writing. A character's name won't feel right, and I'll change it. And that changes the character in my mind. They come to life. That happened with Lyra, when I found her right name, she came to life in my mind.

I see her bridges, her skyscrapers. I see her flags hanging over the city strees; dark red ones with a golden lyre emblazened upon them. I can see the dirt and grime in less well kept areas. I can see the pidgeons fluttering about.

Lyra, as much as any furry in my writing, is a character. She has a name, a personality, a gender. She will be one of those characters that tells me how I to write her.

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