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I'm on patreon!

on 18 September 2014 at 16:15:11 MDT

Hi Guys! After some gentle prodding, I finally bit the bullet and made a Patreon account.

Everything is detailed in the link, but basically I'm offering WIPs, larger sized files, pieces I don't normally post to FA (but upload frequency here won't change, in fact it might increase as I get more opportunity to make the stuff I want to be making!), a monthly sketch and badge raffle, monthly prints mailed to your door, Patreon exclusive commission opportunities and more! There will be some adult content, but I will try to balance it out as best as I can.

Just to be clear, this will in no way affect the art I post here for free, so please don't come complaining to me about Patreon and how much you hate the idea. Patreon is just a way for me to get some extra funding to have more financial freedom to do the things I've wanted to do and couldn't justify the time for before, like make comics, in return for a wide variety of perks. I hope there's something in there for everyone, and if you can't afford pledging that's absolutely OK, I will still post just as much art as I ever have for you to enjoy for absolutely free! Where do the exclusive pieces in one of the tiers come from? I've never posted ALL my work online, there are always some colored pieces and a LOT of sketches that go on my art CDs, so patrons will get to enjoy some of those!

And yes, seriously, comic, it's coming. I'm having trouble carving out time for it in between the ongoing process of making ends meet, and this will definitely help.

Thank you for your consideration, and please let me know what kind of other perks or milestone goals you'd want to see! <3

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Digital color (graphite or ink lineart, photoshop coloring)

One character, simple background or props
$ 200.00
Two characters, simple background or props
$ 325.00
Waist up badge (5" tall @ 300dpi)
$ 85.00


One character Inked
$ 100.00
Two characters inked
$ 150.00


One character sketch
$ 60.00
Two character sketch
$ 100.00

Traditional color (markers+colored pencils or watercolors)

3"x4" badge
$ 65.00
One character, simple background or props
$ 225.00
Two characters, simple background or props
$ 325.00

Commissions are always open but taken on a case by case basis (depending on the idea and on how busy I am and thus how many I can take at the moment).

The pricing for pieces with over two characters or for full/more complex backgrounds can be discussed through email, price would reflect complexity.

Shipping is separate, and depends on what kind of shipping options the client wants (tracking, insurance?).


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    Awesome art, yo!

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    Canadian! We must stick together! And awesome stuff. :)

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    You have a wonderfull Gallery !

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    I didn't realize you were on this site! +Follow

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    Wow cool art! :D This must take you forever to do!

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    Follow moved over - great to see you here!

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    Hello Shinne - thank you very much for the watch, I admire your work so it means quite a bit to me :) Hope you are doing well, have a great weekend!

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    Thank you very much for the watchback <3 Glad to see your amazing art here aswell!