A twenty year old person with an affinity towards stories and character creation as well as world-building.

I'm told I'm quite friendly so yay. Peeps can refer to me as he/she/them since I have no real pronoun preference.



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Art that is drawn with pixels, often with simple palettes.

Animated Icons/Mini Dolls: 32x32 for $3, 50x50 for $4, +$1 if the design is complex.

Teenies: $0.25 each

Large Dolls 150x150 or 300x300 [can be adjusted as needed], $1-$5 dollars based on complexity/size, animated is $5-$10 dollars also based on complexity/size.

Digital Art Commissions:

Essentially all drawn art that I do via computer that are not sprites. As of right now, I cannot offer traditional pieces, but that may become a thing in the future.

Lineart: $9

Flat Colored: $18

Full Color + BG: $30 base price, may change if the project is particularly large/complex.

Busts: $9 Basic Headshot of a character with flat/gradient color and depending on the piece minor shading.

Templates/Character Designs:

Character Templates are typically reference sheets that I will draw for a person for one of their characters. Character Designs are reference sheets of a creature that I have drawn. Some rules may apply to some Designs that do not apply to others and buyers will always be notified of what they are before purchase.

Basic Template:
Basic pose, color palette, limited accessory ref of a character or species of your choice.
$15 per basic design template

Full Template:
Full Color palettes, close ups of details, extra poses, and full accessory refs of a character or species of your choice.
$25 per design template


I, TratserEnoyreve, will offer my services to you, the buyer, so long as these rules are abided by.

As the buyer, you accept these terms of service in return for the services I provide. If these terms are not met, I reserve the right to revoke my services.

1. Art purchased or shown here is to not be re-posted, re-used, or re-distributed in any way that is not authorized by me or the buyer. Re-sale of art purchased from me is forbidden unless you speak with me first.

  1. All interactions between the buyer and myself are to be respectful. If I feel I am being attacked or insulted by a buyer, I reserve the right to refuse them service. Likewise, if a buyer displays ignorance towards my rules, I reserve the right to refuse them service.

  2. Buyers may request changes be made to an ordered piece as it is being made and before payment is finalized. I will check with the buyer to ensure the piece is to their liking before requesting payment. If, after purchasing a piece, the buyer finds something they would like changed, they must contact me at my given email address. Depending on the scope of the change, the buyer may or may not be asked for extra payment. Extra payment will only be asked if the changes desired are extreme, as to be determined by me.

  3. Buyers will be shown several thumbnails of a piece as it is completed before being asked to deliver payment via paypal unless otherwise determined by them and I. After payment is recieved, the buyer will be sent their finished piece in full scale. If payment is never recieved, the finished piece will never be sent.

  4. Should any problem arise, Buyers are asked to notify me, the Artist, first, preferably at my given email.


My process is pretty easy. Once a person requests a commission from me, I will send them a small form to flesh out what they want. The form will typically look like this:

Buyer: (who you are)
Subject: (what you want drawn)
Pose: (what do you want them doing?)
Color/Style: (cutesy, sharp, colorful, flat, etc)
Other Stuff: (any other specifics you might have)
Contact: (where can I message you stuff, I'd prefer email!)

After I get that returned and filled out I will send them a cost quote [it's most always whatever I have written down for the thing anyway unless I'm doing a special sale which will be advertised or discussed prior to transaction] and start on their request. I'll send a thumbnail of the lineart for them to check out before I start coloring, if they want color, or for fixes if they just want the lineart.

Once I get the OK from my buyer, I will ask that they send payment to my paypal. If you want to pay in any other way, you have to say so before I start doing your piece! I might not always want to draw for points or gems or whatever else there might be. Once I get my payment I will then deliver the full sized piece to their preferred contact. All done!

If, later on, a person wants something changed, I might ask them for extra payment if it's a huge change. But, if it's something as basic as fixing a bit of lineart or lighting, I can do it for free. As a result of this process, I don't give refunds after buyers have confirmed that they like a piece and have paid for it and since payment is only given after completion there is no hassle. Should a buyer cancel on or not give payment for a commission they do not receive the piece.

E-mail is shiiverrix on gmail!

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Full Commission

Conceptual Art
$ 25.00

General Commission

Flat Color
$ 18.00
Full Color
$ 30.00
$ 9.00


Flat Color
$ 18.00
Full Color
$ 30.00



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