Hello, I'm am student digital artist in my junior year of college. I love animals, fantasy, and video games ^_^ !

My favorite programs are photoshop, maya, blender, zbrush, topogun, and once in a while I do will some tradtional maedia.

PLz came say hi, all are welcome and I didn't bite !!

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Hey guys, I have a bad art block. Can you help?

on 4 September 2014 at 13:43:26 MDT

I'm not used to having art blocks, in the past I've always had ideas ( possibly 100s at a time) . But now the well has ran dry, and I feel an bad hesitation every time I go to draw something, I'll open photoshop and stare at the screen trying to squeeze something out of my head. It frustrates me solo bad because I can still feel the passion and still really want to paint something..... But I end up doing nothing.

So, Heres my idea to break my art block. I will be taking some art requests from DA and a few from other art sites I'm on. I trend to get lazy and slow when I draw for myself, but when I draw something for someone else I feel more dedicated and motivated. I hoping that will push me though the art block.

So nows the chance to get some free art and break this block.

Throw your best at me !!

and I hope you all have an awesome day !!!

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