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Awesome, you found me!
Hello and Welcome to my legit Weasyl Profile!
My name is Shiroashi and i'm a 24 year old digital-artist from good ol' germany.

I use Weasyl for personal work only atm, but i also take on commission requests and questions. I might not check this site as frequently as FA so please be patient, thank you!

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Weasyl Activity

on 18 May 2016 at 06:38:02 MDT

I will be active on weasyl to a certain extend, but for now i will only use it for my personal art and be available if certain other sites decide to be down and people are in need to contact me somehow.
I have yet to decide to upload Commission Work here again, i kind of do not see the point right now since i barely get any feedback and followers or even potential clients for the effort. It's a real damper on the mood and only makes me unhappy.

BUT i certainly make Livestream announcements again for my Streaming Channel:
So there is that.

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Digital Portraits

$ 45.00
Single Character with detailed Background
from $ 120.00
to $ 500.00
Single Character with simple Background
from $ 60.00
to $ 100.00
add  Extra Character
from $ 45.00
to $ 100.00


You provide the character, i do the rest!
$ 50.00

Reference Sheets

Obligatory Front/Side view
from $ 35.00
to $ 50.00
add  Back View
from $ 25.00
to $ 40.00
add  Bust/Waist-Up
from $ 15.00
to $ 25.00
add  Headshot
from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00

I would describe my style as semi-realistic loaded with textures to provide a fair amount of detail.
I also make good quality reference sheets!

I don't draw fetish and overly suggestive works. Artsy nudes and some pin-ups are ok. Think 'clean'. If you are unsure you are welcome to ask me!


Joined 4 July 2014

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    thanks for your lovely support.

    wish for you long happy peaceful life fulled with love and joy.

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    Oh my gosh, your art is so cool!!

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    Vielen Dank für den Watch!
    Richtig tolle Gallery hat du!

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      aah ich erinner mich an dich, ich watch dich glaub ich auch auf FA! :D

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    Thanks for the follow, nice art!

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    omg die hübsche langbeinige ist ja auch hier :D hehe <3

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    Thanks for follow! :>