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I followed illustrations studies and henceforth 3D animation.

I'm a traditional artist who loves to try new mediums, it's why my main medium is coffee !

My passions are diverse and varied, I am a fanatic of mythology especially Scandinavian and Celtic. I like dragons obviously but all other creatures related in papers or passed on orals.

Animals are a motivation in my life, they fascinate me particularly, I find them graceful and elegant. Their lifestyle seems simple but I find them complex in their society form. Fascinating.

I like particularly Equine, Birds of prey, Wildcats, Wolves and Foxes, Reptiles also! I also like Deers and Antelopes, I find their movements fellow as an infinite dance!

What to say furthermore... I like video games, photography, to live with my rhythm, cartoons and all which rocked my childhood... There is so things ! Ah yes, I like eating and cooking!

Actually I work for several editors and customers in fantasy thematic editon.



Latest Journal

Updates and YCH auction !

on 17 October 2014 at 03:06:02 MDT

Hello there !

Finally added more and more art to this account ! I have still a lot to things to update, but I don't want to drown you all ! :P

I hope you will still enjoy all of this, comments are so much important for me, to know what kind of art people like and what I should draw moar !

Also posted a YCH for a shibari auction, this model is only for Weasyl : - (but if no bids, I will sell it on FA when it will be back !)

Now let's return to art !

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    Your traditional work is so gorgeous, I'm glad to have found it! <3 Can't wait to see what you do next!

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    All of your artwork is just incredible!

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    Many humble thank yous for the follow! I've been an admirer of your work for some time so this is quite the honor.

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    Wonderful work!

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    Your gallery is breathtaking. Your linework is particularly lovely and you have some really interesting use of textures.

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    Hi! Thanks for stopping by and watching my work. I really appreciate it! :)

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    Thank you very much for keeping an eye on my artwork! Wow I love your work oo

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    Your inkwork is so stunningly lovely~