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Hello, I am Plaguedog!

If you need to contact me about my work here please email me at :) I check that daily but I don't always check weasyl daily.

If you send me a message here and don't get a fast response, don't think because of this that I am ignoring you on purpose! I really am easily approachable and I like to chat but I only have so much free time split between several art sites.

Please visit me during a stream sometime! It's the best place to catch me for chatting!

I am an open book about photoshop, I try to answer any question I receive!

Latest Journal

Updates: Finished Moving, Computer is a goner :(

Sorry it has been so quiet on my end!

I mentioned a while back that I might be delayed because I was planning to move at the end of August. Orginally though, the plan was to move to a new apt. 20 minutes from my old place. I was anticipating only being cut off for up to 2 weeks.

INSTEAD, with only one days notice, last month I packed a bag of clothes and my computer and moved across the state! It sounds crazy, and it was, but it was something I needed to do for my family.
That same week my computer had a hdd failure, Thankfully I have lost no files!

This week I finally got back to the other side of the state to move all my stuff out and into storage. FEELS SO GOOD to have my family all together again

Sadly my computer, which had come back to life, officially kicked the bucket this last week. Again though, I lost absolutely none of my files, which is a great silver lining.

I'm feeling pretty cut off right now. The good news is that I do have a nice computer to borrow from time to time! I might even be able to stream again! I will ask permission and then maybe do a test run stream this week! We'll see!

I'm chugging away at owed art, though it's been a very interrupted process (making it frustrating because I hate leaving people waiting!) Hopefully within this next week I will have either updates or finished files sent out to everyone! I hate leaving people wondering, and it gives me a ton of anxiety when I am out of communication! Feel free to give me a nudge for an update or to discuss things.

Wish me luck! And I greatly miss you all my friends.

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    Herro =3

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      Hey There! How have you been lately?

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        Pretty good, just somewhat bored... haha
        You? ^^

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    AH! You're on here too!<33

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    Thanks so much for stopping by and following my work! I really appreciate that!

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    Hi! Didn't know you had a Weasyl account!

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    Ahhh by any chance does you username come from a movie with the same name bc if so yooo hella sad but good movie like woah