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You are not allowed to post my artwork on any Website without my permission. This includes sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. If you want to repost my artwork ask me first, but do not think you can just take my artwork and repost it anywhere.

Important Information
Artwork Status
Roleplaying Likes & Dislikes
Terms of Roleplay
My Terms for Giftart & Fanart

Artwork Information
My Commissions Are: OPEN || Closed
My Requests Are: ONLY For CLOSE Friends
My Art Trades Are: Possible, but very Rare
My Collaborations Are: Possible, but very Rare
My Giftart is: For Close Friends Only

Roleplaying Information
Roleplay Requests are: CLOSED

I will likely not be fully active on this site as DeviantART is my main website that I use. If you wish to contact me about a Commission please do so on there as I will more than likely see it then. I will periodically check here though for those who do not have a DA or FA account.

Latest Journal

Adult (Porn) Joint Commission Account

The long rundown is, I want to get back into drawing adult images either in the form of very mature Pin-Ups or full blown Sexual Content pieces. The thing is, I don't want to spam it on this account. So, me and my roommate are planning on possibly creating a Joint FA account as well as a joint Weasyl account where we will be posting samples of our works together.

We're likely going to be offering a variety of mature content for people, prices are uncertain right now so we'll likely post that information once we get things squared away with examples.

Things that we're likely going to do would be of course Furry and Non-Furry Porn, Feral Porn (At least I am willing to do such things), Heterosexual Couples, Homosexual Couples (M/M, F/F) and much more I know I'm very willing to do things like herms, etc. as it will give me experience with drawing such content.

I'll keep everyone updated on this for anyone who wants to get some pr0nz from me in the future. If you're interested do feel free to leave a comment here, just wanting to say I'm sorry for a lack of content updates on most of my galleries. A lot has happened and I've kind of fallen off FA for a very long time.

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$25 Highly Detailed Commissions

Detailed Commission
$ 25.00

Adoptable Commission

Character Design

Colored Lineart

Colored Lineart: Bust
$ 9.00
Colored Lineart: Full-Body
$ 12.00
Colored Lineart: Waist-Up
$ 10.00


Background (Complex)
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00
Background (Simple)
from $ 2.00
to $ 5.00
Extra Character
$ 5.00
With Cell Shading (Complex)
from $ 7.00
to $ 10.00
With Cell Shading (Simple)
$ 5.00
With Flat Colors
$ 3.00


Lineart: Bust
$ 7.00
Lineart: Full-Body
$ 10.00
Lineart: Waist-Up
$ 8.00


Sketch: Bust
$ 2.00
Sketch: Full-Body
$ 5.00
Sketch: Waist-Up
$ 3.00

Any and all Colored Linearts will be a collaborative effort between myself and my roommate. I will draw the sketches and she will do the coloring.

Character Design - ~5-15% discount

  • If a character has not been drawn out yet by the creator or another artist and doesn't have a preset design, this option is available to the commissioner. The commissioner provides a character profile and 1-3 key design elements (a piece of jewelry, a scar, a birthmark, etc), but leaves the visual design up to me. Due to the commissioner leaving the design in my hands, the price is discounted based on the commission asked for. WIP shots are available.

Adoptable Commission - ~10-25% discount

  • If the commissioner chooses to commission a piece will be discounted based on the type of commission requested.



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