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I'm an artist who goes by many names, Eltharion (Eltha), Solleaes, Grumpy Gryphon and Snigglemuffin/Snigglecheeks.

I love anthro art, even though I may not identify as a furry. My main character is Sniggles, a grumpy gryphon, who you may see an awful lot.

Once I get the time I'll add some more info here.



Latest Journal

Bored of fanart

It's been fun and I'll continue to draw fanart but I'll be going back to focusing on my OC instead.

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    wow, thanks for the follow back!
    getting a follow from a skillful artist is a huge compliment to me <3
    also, i love the way you draw emotions on characters, they're so lively!

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      Gosh I've been meaning to reply to this for forever. Thank you so much tho ;___; I don't think my art is anything special so to it makes me very happy to hear you enjoy these aspects of it! I love the composition and colour use in your pics <3

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    Dang! Why have I not been following you before now?! Awesome art! :)

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      Ah thank you so much! I hope I'll continue to have artworks you enjoy :)

      Also I love your dog character, he looks adorable!

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    Splendid art you have here, allow me to forward my compliments.

    If I may express my curiosity, what attracts you most to furry/anthropomorphic art?
    Also, what is it that you like most about gryphons? Knowing that your main character is one, I guess I may take liberty in assuming you like them, right? I am curious, what is it that you like about them?

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

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    Thanks for the fave!

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    Thanks for the follow!

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    thanks for the follow back C: