My name is Veronika! But you can call me Volki, Roni, V, Fox or any other nicknames you would prefer.
I am a traditional and digital artist, a writer, and I dabble in the arts of poetry, cooking, and photography, and recently woodworking and 3D design. I am Canadian, and no, I do not add "eh" to every single one of my sentences, I just add "eh" to some of them. I am a fan of Sonic, Marvel (Iron Man, Thor, and the Wolverine are my favourite), Assassin's Creed, and Lego. I am one of those people that is not really sure what social group I belong to. I've been told I create my own social group, which must mean I also create knew definition to being human. But, obviously it's a pretty bad definition. Oh, and as for relation ship status, I am taken. So I am not looking for love, but instead blissfully enjoying it.

I speak Russian and English. That's pretty much as far as my language knowledge gets.^^;

Favourite Colour: Aquamarine
Colour combo that represents me: Black and Aquamarine

I decided to have a fresh start on this site, and hopefully get more constructive feedback and all that here. I also wanted a safe place to put all my works without worrying about the site stealing my rights.

Anywho, enjoy! ^^

Thanks, by the way, for looking at my page. C:

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Big, Huge, Gigantic News!

on 2 September 2014 at 11:35:12 MDT

I have been working very hard over the summer to get my web comic up and running. I am proud to announce that Anthem of the Angels is finally open to the public. :D I know it's been a long time coming, but I think that you'll enjoy the comic as much as I'm enjoying making it. C:

Basic Plot:
A war rages between Heaven and Hell. Angels and Demons have been fighting since the beginning of time, and this ancient feud shows no sign of stopping. A pair of lovers from apposing sides try to escape the war, and hide among humans in order to conceal their greatest pride and secret. A child, their only daughter, that is sought out by both angels and demons, believed to be the key to winning the war. The child's name is Maria.

Maria is now 16 years old, and lives in a small city called Torron with her father. After the death of her mother, everything was peaceful, and it seemed like the angels and demons gave up looking for her. That is, until she makes a mysterious friend, and the demon that killed her mother returns from the dead.

You can read Anthem of the Angels on it's official website here: or subscribe to it on Tapastic:
And if you'd like, you could do me a favour and spread the word about the comic. ;)

Expect to see a lot more art related to the comic and its characters in your messages. ;p

Spreading the word about this awesomeness,

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