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September-ish Update

on 30 August 2016 at 22:04:59 MDT

Hey! Thanks for reading this!

Just wanted to give a small update on a bunch of things, in order of your probable interest.


  • Just finished The Bargain 3. Writing's been pretty slow because of work, and spending most of my free time on games and watching TV shows instead, since there wasn't much of it. I guess if you're interested in my opinion on things, I've also put in some for you.

  • I wrote another story which I might or might not post, it's sort of personal and a sequel to a story I'm definitely not posting so I'm not sure I want to yet.

  • The Bargain 4 will come out when I get the time, but working on it will be pretty slow unfortunately. Thankfully, I've got a lot of good notes on the story and what needs to be written, so it's very easy to come back to. For any major writing projects I do, I'm definitely going to do that kind of pre-planning again.

  • My husband made a TF game which I'm sure most of you've probably seen, but here's a link anyway: which you might want to check out. I'm probably going to make a small game of my own in between working on stories, though the tone will probably be different, and put it on his site when I'm done.

  • I'm probably going to try to write a few smaller things as well, but I don't know what they are or when they'll be done.


  • Playing through all of the Souls games (including Bloodborne) at the moment, Demons and Bloodborne for the first time for really reals. Blueballs is helping guide me through them.

  • Also playing through Stardew Valley, almost at the end of year 2, which means JUDGEMENT DAY IS APPROACHING. I'm pretty much ready for it though, I think. It's a very good game, with a couple of flaws (though your mileage may vary on them).

  • Heard some good things about the latest expansion for Crusader Kings 2 after a lot of not-so-nice stuff, so that'll be good to get back to.

  • I was also working my way through the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 campaign before being distracted on my holiday by Stardew Valley.


  • Stranger Things is fantastic; if you love the 80s or grew up around then you'll love this show, but even if not you'll still get a lot out of it.

  • DON'T however waste your time with the other TV show the creators (the Duffer Brothers) worked on: Wayward Pines. That's a gigantic horrible mess of a show that squandered a premise that could have been decent. I can't believe that got renewed for a second season, which is somehow even worse than the first.

  • Introduced my husband to Gilmore Girls, which he loves now. Kind of sick of watching it CONSTANTLY after work, but whatever.

  • When we went on holiday, we caught up on the last two seasons of Game of Thrones, which was pretty satisfying, especially Season 6 when things started happening again.

  • We also watched a couple of seasons of Psych, which is also a really good show.

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