Finding the line by Nomax

Finding the line


27 October 2016 at 14:37:43 MDT

Hey folks. This is the second piece of cover art i did for Kindar for his novels!

You can get the e-book in one of several of the usual stores over here :

What is the book about? Well Kindar himself probably can write a better blurb than i can , so here we go :

All I wanted out of life was to catch the bad guys during the day, and find a guy to bring to bed for the night.

A quadruple murder wasn’t going to be an easy case to solve, but Alice and I were ready for it. What I didn’t expect was the familiar feeling I got from the room in the basement, or for the FBI to take the case from us.

I should have let it rest, should have moved on, but I couldn’t. I pushed. I kept pushing even after being told to stop. I pushed my way into a part of the world I didn’t know existed, that I would have never believed could exist.

Now that world won’t let go of me. The Society might want to help, but they aren’t the only ones who have taken an interest in me. I no longer know who I can trust, and with my life in danger, as well as the lives of my family, this new world might be my only salvation.

And if you enjoy his books and wanna go an support him beyond just buying them then check out his patreon!

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    thank you for the amazing cover.