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A week has gone by

A week can make a lot of difference.

First off, thank you for the replies, here and elsewhere. Not only does it help to know people care, but enough have pointed out that this is something happening to a lot of people on Patreon and other such sites that it shifted the situation from “I’m the problem,” to “this is something going on all around.”

It might not sound like much, but sometimes, a shift in point of view is all that’s needed to bring things back on a semblance of normalcy. That’s not to say the ‘stress’ is gone. My income is low enough that any shifts are things I must pay attention to, but I’m no longer smashing my head against a wall thinking I should quit this (that only lasted a few seconds)

So, I am still writing everyday, and updating my Patreon. There will be alterations to the posting schedule coming down the line, but I haven’t decided what exactly they will be. The goal will be to add variety without over flooding my supporters. If you have ideas of what you’d like me to post there, I’m all ears.

So this is a short one, just thanking you and letting your know I’m going okay.

As usual, you can find me Monday to Friday on Twitch:  8AM EST to late afternoon. My Twitter is @TheTigerWrites If you want to support me, You can do so through my Patreon: and by buying my books, Sylvain-St-Pierre’s Author page

And with that. I, will wish you a good day.

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