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I think it's time I got active over here. So time to fill this thing out.

HAI I'm Damun, pronounced Daymon, I'm a black and white fox, I'm fun, flirty and fun to get along with. I'm a good bit silly and a lot of people tell me I'm cute, just by the way I act and not even show them me.

Let's see I'm a gamer nerd, I just love to play classic and current games, mostly stuff from the PS2/GCN era, that was the best time for gaming to be honest in my opinion.

I fix computers for a living, or at least I want to. I'm good with tech so feel free to shoot me questions, but pester me and expect me to get more than annoyed.

As for art, I really love transformation, so that's what I intend post the most of, and well commission other artists. I'll usually try to urge you to go fave the artist's version over mine, but you're free to follow me!

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Art in banner is by LudoCrow Posted with his permission edited by me.

Commission Que:

  1. Xaie over at 10 Pages

2.Irbisgrief 12 Pages


Vividex / Damun

Latest Journal

Commission Pricing and Terms of Service

Commission pricing will go as such. $15 for 4 or less page story commissions. Beyond 4 pages prices will go for $5 a page, meaning the 5th is $25, 6th is 30$ and so on.

Stories will be used in google docs, in Arial Font at a size 14. They can be saved in just about any standard format at your request.

Terms of Service

I will not be requiring payment upfront, however I'll be more motivated to write if paid before hand. However upon completion I'll contact you and request payment, once payment is received, I'll release the works to you.

The commissioner may post on their own galleries were such is permitted. The commissioner may make alterations or even corrections as they see fit.

The commissioner may NOT make revenue from my works. This means being sold for money. If I catch a commissioner doing this, said commissioner will be black listed.

Previews of commissions in work are permitted to those who pay up front, they will receive google document links to view work in progress.

For those who wish to pay upon completion, I'll give the first few paragraphs in note/email to prove work has been done.

I accept payment through paypal. As such, you must only must put in the subject your name (Can be real or just your FA/Weasyl account name) Followed by the work commission. Nothing more is required and is encouraged to just leave the message "You've got money."

There are a few fetishes that I will not write about.

Extreme Violence

They are just subjects I'm not very comfortable with, I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

I reserve the right to turn down any commission I'm not comfortable with.

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Story Commissions

Per Page
from $ 15.00
to $ 60.00



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    Thank you very much for the watch! ♥

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    Thanks for da follow! OwO

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    Your journal made me laugh, so I had to watch you back. ; >

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      Heh, thanks for the watch back. Looking forward to your art, I followed you here from FA.

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    Thanks for following! I will be doing art full time after the 5th, so you will be seeing a lot more of me soon! :3 <3

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      Yaaaaaaaay~ I'm kinda happy this site is starting to take off now.

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        It just needed one good push, and by that I mean FA pissing everyone off. I'll still do business on FA as long as I have the larger watch base there, but I'm hoping now that many major artists are leaving FA entirely, the people will follow. I just can't afford to abandon my peeps on FA seeing as how very soon, commissions will be my sole source of income.