Who I am:

Just an artist from French Canadia who is trying to make by as he can ^^

I specializes in transformation and werewolves artwork, but I also dabble in fantasy and science fictions which are both subjects I also greatly enjoy.

Overall, I'm just trying to keep and continue being the best artist I can,

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Taking TF sequences commissions again(but see below)

on 30 November 2017 at 13:00:38 MST

A simple end of the month update, but things continue being busy and good(especially with a new commission I will soon upload next week). I've recently begun a large commissioned project that I cannot post anything about until well into the next year, but it's nonetheless allowed me for an interesting experiment which gave me the confidence to make this announcement:
Starting today, I will be taking TF sequences commissions again, though with a small condition.

While currently I would only accept before/after deals or similar ones, this condition basically allows me to tackle larger sequences again. This said, the condition is a simple one: For each sequence commissions, I will only work at a rate of 2 images per month.
Basically the way this work is a 3 or 4 pages sequence would see me producing 2 images on the current month, and then produces the 1-2 remaining pages the following month.

The reason behind this is very simple; it allows me to pace my work and also leave me the ability to tackle different projects at once in a single month, while preventing any single "larger" project from dominating all of my production for a whole month that would still leave the following month uncertain.
It also means that by pacing payments over multiple months rather than all at once, it would leave it more manageable for clients from a finance standpoint.

Tentatively, because of that structure, I might thus also be able to work on more than a single sequential work; making it easier for me to take on the work of multiple sequence clients by leaving me more time to work on different projects during the month(compared to the past where a single sequence client could dominate all of my production for a month, such that I sometime had to decline other clients until I was done).

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