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Just an artist from French Canadia who is trying to make by as he can ^^

I specializes in transformation and werewolves artwork, but I also dabble in fantasy and science fictions which are both subjects I also greatly enjoy.

Overall, I'm just trying to keep and continue being the best artist I can,

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September 23: New(sorta!) job soon!

on 23 September 2019 at 07:57:06 MDT

Sadly, no french version of the journal this morning due to slight lack of time.

Just to assuage any worries from the start: My art queue is still very much ongoing! I just finished a digital painting and it's freed slot might have already been taken by the same client(I'm awaiting confirmation to make sure this is indeed the case).
Next in line will be two color-inked images for two different clients and once those slots are freed I will again make announcements to make it clear!

Now for the meat of the matter: My old technical drafting job at an industrial pipe welding shop from November2018-April2019 just called me again asking if I had openings for another go of part-time employment there. Thus Thursday I will be starting there again as a technical drafting two days per weeks(though if like the last year, I might do three days weeks occasionally during some stretches where the demand is more intensive).

The money will help me get a bit more stability while still leaving me plenty of time for artwork. In fact, the many changes I brought to my process(particularly on the inks+color front) after my last go there means I'd likely have a much easier time at it this year than the last!

This said, since it's not until Thursday I will be focusing on current artwork still in the meanwhile(though I might take it a bit slower to prevent overstraining my carpal tunnel prior to doing full work days at a computer with mouse+keyboard**) so expect at least one commission or two more to show up here again!

Once the weekend rolls in I might try and see how the week went to determine how I will schedule art for upcoming weeks. Since my own drafting weeks might have somewhat varying schedule, I might take on a more flexible schedule for art where I ensure myself one specific day for full rest but leave the rest of the week to see if I produce art or focus on rest(especially during weeks where my wrist is experiencing more strain than usual)

Thus I can at least say this to sum up what to expect of coming months:

-This is part-time work, so even the more intense weeks are purely three days long, leaving time for other stuff(in fact this is the reason perhaps a more informal schedule for art might be best since situations can go back and forth with the lenght of drafting weeks).
-This is somewhat intensive work for my carpal tunnel as said, even as a part-time deal. I'll try to alleviate this by looking into ergonomic mouse models if I can be allowed to use my own mouse at work but it's a thing to keep in mind. I will also put a temporary hiatus on full painting commissions since they are more strain on my wrist than my humbler ink+color style(thankfully this should be easy as there are currently no pending painting commissions and only inks+colors ones).
-This is a job with sometimes unpredictable production cycles; they are very dependent on a very few key clients which means that the lenght of this contract will likely be unpredictable. It could be as short than a single month and a half or as long as getting well into the next year such as spring or almost into summer. So it's hard to say how long this will last. On the flip side, the revenues made will only add up to what I've already saved up which will give me more breathing room to schedule/plan out the aftermath once I get there(which in turn might means to an even better situation on the art front after I'm done than before I started).

All of this said, I want to thank you all for the continued support and I fully intend to continue producing art projects that I hope you will continue to enjoy!

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