Who I am:

Just an artist from French Canadia who is trying to make by as he can ^^

I specializes in transformation and werewolves artwork, but I also dabble in fantasy and science fictions which are both subjects I also greatly enjoy.

Overall, I'm just trying to keep and continue being the best artist I can,

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First artbook and store is out!

on 15 April 2018 at 11:03:46 MDT

As the latest upload shows, I've just release my very first artbook, Knick-Knacks!

This was something I wanted to make since a long while. It didn't happen exactly in the ways I'd originally planned it to be, but I am nonetheless glad that this is out nonetheless and welcomed the experience of working with Itch for the first time. Knick-Knacks itself is an assorted collection of works and experiments of mines previously exclusive to my Patreon that goes from the genre of Fantasy characters and landscapes to digital painting of werewolves savages and suggestives, even including an exclusive painting of a werewolf goddess and her followers. It's a decently sized collections of 26 separate illustrations done over a period going from 2016 to 2018 and thus represent a lot of the works and different interests I developed over the years.

I sincerely hope you folks will dig the work and if it interests you, you can get it here for only 5$ !:

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