Who I am:

Just an artist from French Canadia who is trying to make by as he can ^^

I specializes in transformation and werewolves artwork, but I also dabble in fantasy and science fictions which are both subjects I also greatly enjoy.

Overall, I'm just trying to keep and continue being the best artist I can,

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State of the Crow, December 2018

on 23 December 2018 at 12:18:53 MST

First of all, I wish everyone here who follow my work awesome holidays and a soon happy new year! Without your support, I don't know where I'd be.

Now, time to kick off some two months of cobwebs!

To be honest I've been much less active here than I'd have liked. Granted a case of "Surprise, we'd have a new job for you!" in the form of new (and decently paying!) employment might not have "helped" but it's not entirely an excuse.

Nonetheless it represented a major change to a routine I was getting used to a degree over the years now, and I now realized there's been a couple of critical areas where I often tried to overcompensate for it on my days off, leading to nasty cases of extreme procrastinations(by my personal standards) which I kept trying to blame on many things though a large cause was, in part, myself. I've finally had some time today to try to better reflect on it so now that I have(thanks to the nature of the job) some holidays vacations to think things through, I hope to be able to correct my aim so that 2019 can hopefully start on a much better note than 2018 was starting to head to if I didn't do something now.

One of the major(potentially temporary) changes I did now was to leave a couple of social medias that I overextended myself upon, often at the cost of time I could have better spent not just on art... but even just on relaxing better during my periods of rest proper. That's the easy part, of course. Harder will be trying to fix my sleep schedule, as I began to notices the way I'd frequently badly overcompensate the strict sleep schedules of my work days with foregoing sleep until absurdly late the very days after the end of my week's work days.
That had the ruinous effect of screwing up my sleep schedules on the days I do have off and thus the ones where I would have time for art but thus never had the energy to. As it was standing, I was regularly undersleeping from going to bed later than even the latest I would normally go before even starting that job.

Hopefully, by the time my vacations will be over I should have this under control again and start having a more stable output of art again as well.


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