Heya! Before you continue, I wanna let you know I'm always looking towards improving myself as well as my art. If you feel there's something I need to correct, don't be afraid to approach me! Pobody's nerfect, am I right?

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My Activity Thus Far...

on 29 September 2018 at 20:08:30 MDT

I've noticed I've been getting a few new followers to my account to which I say, thank you so much! I really appreciate that you wanna stick around and keep seeing my things!

WHICH brings me to this point: my activity has been and will be pretty slow for a time because I've been regularly doing 12-16 hour days at work.

"Why would you even do that do yourself?" you may ask. Well I respond with,
"I GOT THEM BILLS NEED PAYING (and it's also sort of mandatory)."

But fear not friends! It's not gonna be this way forever. Work will slow down and my hours will regulate (within, hopefully, the next few months) and I'll be able to get more sleep, and therefore will have more energy to expend on putting actual effort into my art which will lead to me posting more and you seeing more art!

Until then though, I appreciate your patience with me!

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    Thanks for the watch :D

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    Yaaaaaaaaassssssss lemme collect all the monster/alien/robutt artists

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    gosh I love your artwork <3

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    Following, because frankly your character designs are out-of-this-world.

    ...Excuse the pun.

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    Thank you for the follow! :D

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    Welcome to eden. I'm glad you're here finally. watch+

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      Thank you! It's definitely much easier to use than Furr was. I actually know what the heck I'm doing, haha.