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I'm just a 30 something year old that draws creatures.

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:U I am Goatlactic no more!

Funny enough I was just thinking the other day how this was the last "Goatlactic" account I had on the go and how I should get around to fixing that. Guess its a good thing I decided to wait a bit until I had some free time to send an e-mail because NOW I DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT!
Thanks whichever staff member(s) is responsible for finally implementing the name change feature into the actual settings.

So yeah hopefully changing my username to FamiliarAlien to match everything else won't be too confusing, if not hopefully having this journal on my frontpage will make it obvious who this be.

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    I love your cartoony style.

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      Apologies for the super dang late reply but thank you so much! I'm glad you like my style :D

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    holy CRAP i love your art style! i accidentally double clicked the follow button so it looks like i followed you twice but you know what i would have done that anyway

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      Oh my goodness apologies for the late reply but thank you so much! I'm so glad you love my art style that much ;3; Also its ok thank you for the follow.

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    Happy birthday! I hope it turned out great.

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      Thank you :D It was pretty ok albeit I didn't do too much that day.

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    Happy birthdayyyy! Hope you have a great day and a wonderful 2018. =)