This page is a safe space!
That means no weird creepy comments or slurs! And no chasers! And DON'T interact with me if you support "cub"/zoo porn (YES even "just fiction!" I think you're gross! leave me alone already ffs...) =___=

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  • Don't use my work for roleplay.
  • Don't repost my work to transphobic "tag-what-you-see" sites like e621.
  • If I fave/follow an artist who draws underage/zoo shit or something similarly gross, please tell me so I can unfav and block them. I use the blacklist feature quite liberally, so if they've got it in their gallery I can't see it on my own end.
  • Icon art is by Molegato!

Thank you!

vaguely guy-ish shapeless entity who roleplays as an artist. they/xe
I love working with interesting shapes, bright colors, fun critters and gender-variant characters!! my goal is to make work that's fun/hot, comfortable, and conscientious. <3

Sorry in advance if I don't reply to any comments -- I've likely either forgotten or don't know how to respond. I greatly appreciate any kind words I get!!! Seriously. You all make my day and motivate me to keep going. (And if we were arranging something, feel free to remind me!)

Latest Journal

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

on 31 March 2019 at 21:45:49 MDT

A bit late, but... I know that other trans/nonbinary/queer/gender-variant/questioning folks follow this account and I need all of you to know that you're amazing! Yes, you!

Let today be a reminder that you are real. You're here, you matter, you are strong.
Even if you yourself are stealth or closeted today, you can still celebrate in your heart. Be kind to yourself, love others, be your very best self. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how far you want to go on your own personal journey, you've got this. You can do it. You can be your truest self. The road you walk has been traveled before, by so many before us. And as lonely and bleak as the world can feel sometimes, always, always remember: You are not alone.

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