hello! nice to meet you! i'm flint or gunny or something. i'm currently taken by the most wonderful fur in the world

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i'm disabled, so any help i get through commissions/adopts are greatly appreciated! thank you for visiting!

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Free request raffle EXTENDED!

on 1 March 2014 at 18:10:11 MST

I've decided to extend the end date of my free request raffle until April 1st! Everyone who already entered still retains their entries, but I felt like we could use some more diversity. :)

Remember: you guys help keep me fed and sheltered! If you're interested in helping me out and possibly getting a free drawing in the process, speak up! I respond to both comments and notes (and emails, if that's preferred!) More information about the raffle can be found here:

My ToS/Prices:

Work Queue
1.) Takashi Nobuyuki @FN: 1/2 (Backside) [Complete!]
2.) AshChyme @SF: YCH #4 [Complete!]
3.) Fluttershy @F4L: [Awaiting Payment/Details]
4.) Pink Tattoo @FN: Ref Sheet [Awaiting Payment]
5.) Pink Tattoo @FN: Ref Sheet [Awaiting Payment]
6.) Takashi Nobuyuki @FN: XXX 1/2 [Complete!]
7.) Takashi Nobuyuki @FN: XXX 1/2 x2 Char Full BG [Complete!]
8.) Asher Pierce @FN: 1/2 Lineart [Paid Full! Complete!]
9.) Asher Pierce @FN: Full x2 Char [Paid Full! Complete!]
10.) Takashi Nobuyuki @FN: Full Body, Full Color [Complete!]
11.) Erin Redd @FN: Full Body, Full Color [Complete!]
12.) June Bug @FN: Ref Sheet [Awaiting Payment]
13.) Takashi Nobuyuki @FN: Ref Sheet [Complete!]
14.) Takashi Nobuykui @FN: Full Body [Sketching]
15.) Open!
16.) Open!
17.) Open!
18.) Open!
19.) Open!


Rent Quota for March: $100/$400

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