my hand is broken but at least artyom finally has a refsheet by siekae

my hand is broken but at least artyom finally has a refsheet


27 September 2016 at 12:02:18 MDT

finally a reference for my fursona!
» he is a coyote trickster; meaning that he's similar to a kitsune in that he usually defaults to a base form (in his case, coyote), but is capable of shape shifting to whatever form he pleases. he is mischievous, but he is not harmful or malicious. he's honestly just out to have a good time
» his eyebags are permanent and are NOT OPTIONAL unless you are drawing a chibi/something where space for detail is compromised and would otherwise make the design look cluttered (like in my outfit dummies). please always draw his eyebags.
» he's about 5'11" and weighs roughly 200 lbs
» he is an ambivert, meaning he displays traits from both introversion and extroversion. he can't be placed solidly in either category.
» he's a bit of a bard. he's good at enrapturing audiences in stories and telling jokes.
» he's an aspiring metal artist. his favorite bands are devin townsend, periphery and gojira.
» he collects crystals. the crystal you see in the reference is a necklace that he's always wearing; it is a piece of opalite.
» he loves herbs. he always smells like rosemary and incense smoke.
» i forgot a very important bullet which is “overuses the 👌 emoji to hell and back”

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    Very good! I could see him getting into a bit of trouble now and again.

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      thank you!! yeah, he can be a bit of a wildcard! he's for the most part a good guy but he's known to be impulsive (and stupid) every now and again.