I'm just an art student at The Academy of Art working towards getting my BFA and then my Masters in Illustration! I want to do character design for video games.

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[ROOM FLOODED AGAIN-Emergency Commissions]

on 18 June 2013 at 12:29:16 MDT

Woke up this morning to a bad storm and found that my room was once again flooded.

I'm cleaning up the mess now when all I want to do is sleep through a storm without being worried and scared. I'm incredibly lucky in the fact that I have family that's able to pay for the damages and get my wall fixed where it has been leaking.

Here's where the Emergency part comes in:

Anything I want to put in my room has to come out of my own pocket.

I am so lucky that I had two powerstrips become COMPLETELY soaked and not spark a fire in my room but I don't know how 'lucky' I can keep myself. To keep my electronics and such running I need to buy wall mounts/wall mounted power strips if for nothing else but safety's sake.

If anybody's interested in helping (I know that there are definitely more deserving people out there who have real emergencies and real problems who need the donations but any little bit helps me out here), I'm just looking to raise 100 or so USD to cover a powerstrip that I found online and would need two of (This would cover both strips and their shipping), let me know, I'm willing to greatly discount my commissions and work with you.

If you're apprehensive at all I'm willing to take pictures to show the damage of this recent flooding and link to the two power strips I'm looking to buy.

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Character Bust
$ 15.00
Character w/simple bg 8.5 x 11
from $ 25.00
to $ 40.00
Full Digital 8.5 x 11
from $ 50.00
to $ 50.00

Prices may vary due to complexity of characters/creatures. Add 10-20 for additional characters added to a piece.

All prices listed are base prices.


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