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Can you explain to me what a joke is?
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Things got crazy there for a bit, eh?

Hello everyone! Long time no see! Sorry for disappearing for a while, real life got kinda hectic. Moving kinda turned my whole life upside down and got in the way of art and things for a while, unfortunately, but, now that things are (kinda) settled, I'm getting back into the swing of things! So so…

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Free request raffle EXTENDED!

I've decided to extend the end date of my free request raffle until April 1st! Everyone who already entered still retains their entries, but I felt like we could use some more diversity. :) Remember: you guys help keep me fed and sheltered! If you're interested in helping me out and possibly gettin…

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Free request raffle!

Here we go! Each person who commissions me between today, January 27th and March 1st will be entered into a raffle to win a free request (value the same as what you commissioned me for! For example, if you purchase a full background, full body image valued at $40, you will get another one for free…

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Terms of Service for Trades and Commissions

Commissions are currenetly OPEN, as I have no income at the moment, and as a living, breathing organism, I need to eat and pay rent and all that happy garbage. GENERAL RULES FOR THINGS I WILL AND WILL NOT DRAW I try to be as open and understanding as I can possibly be; there are very few things tha…