Real Name: If you must know, it's Brenda. I HATE my name.

Call me, Salya. I was born in the year of 1988, making me a Dragon. XD Yet being born in the early part of May, making me a Taurus which I hate.. I wanna be a Gemini since I love Saga and Kanon from Saint Seiya.

If you want to draw me gifts, I welcome any kind. I would really love drawing of my ocs with their love interests and/or with your oc if they are friends. lol

Now let me tell you some facts about me that you might need to know.
♥ I'm a night person. I HATE the sun god(s). Ra is a pretty bird but annoying. Apollo can go die.. And the sun gods from a project my friend, Amia and I are doing, can go away before I lock them away into the darkness.
♥ I'm not into horror themes yet I love Halloween. I oddly love 3 horror games, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Five Nights at Freddy's. I can't play them but I love the story-lines... and a few characters. lol
♥ I can get annoyed easily but I'm simple minded so if you want to have me happy, draw me something. lol
♥ If you watch/friend me, I will do the same back to you. =3 I like having nice watchers and friends who talk to me. lol
♥ I make graphics even thou I like drawing more. lol
♥ I don't like bugs and I got a fear of spiders. -_-
♥ I love making new characters for random things. So far Final Fantasy has the most ocs in fandom as original setting.... I lost count of those. lol
♥ I'm a huge fangirl over canon characters that I like. Exp: Kai from Beyblade and Youko from YYH.
♥ I'm a gamer. I play a lot of RPGs, Such as Star Ocean, Pokemon, Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy. xD
( Playing Wonderland online And Elder Scrolls online.)
♥ I also write when I'm not drawing nor playing games.
♥ I do Role-play, people. But I know RP on my forum, Tainted Onez. Sorry.
♥ I have 2 pets. Midnight is my kitty and Rikku is my dog.

What I'm into: Anime, Manga, RPGs, Dragons, Mythical animals, Mecha, God/Goddesses, animal shifters.
Got a thing for: Nine tail foxes and human female x furry male

I can draw: Humanoids, mermaids
Cant draw: Animals and furries. (without bases)


Elyasia - needs help!
Tainted Onez - Forum
Tainted Wingz - main site

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Hello there

on 28 June 2020 at 20:57:08 MDT

Hi there. I'm sorry that I'm rarely on here but I'm trying. In fact for a long time, I had no way to get on here since my PC dead on me and well I'm on a used one until my guy gets me a new one. Also I really don't like DA now, So I may move here fully.

And on top of it all, I'm working on 3 sites that I need help.
Tainted Wingz being my main one, Tainted Onez being my forum and Elyasia being my project. So blah....

I'm looking for:
•about 1 to 3 staff members
••Must be able to draw and/or make graphics
••optional: Have some html/css skills.

A partner for Tainted Wingz.
• 1 18+ person.
•• Must be good at making graphics.
•• optional: Some html/css skills

Tainted Onez staff
•Needs staff and active members.


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