Megaman AU by SalyaDarken

MegaMan AU story-line.
More details will be added in the stories and this is a setting or basic info.

Two young witches, Aiko and Alyna were best friends even at a young age. Well the two girls lived in hell as their parents didn't get along or won't be at home at all. So the girls went to the world of their dreams... MegaMan world. There they were free from hurt.

Aiko went to Lan, oddly Lan who was the same age as her, knew who she was. He told her that the Aiko of that world was dead from something that he didn't fully understand but the witch could replace her if she didn't use any magic. Oddly Aiko went with that, She wanted to never go back to her parents.

As for Alyna, She was found by one for the followers of/made by Dr.Willy. She wasn't sure if she understood what was happening, but it turned out that her self in that world was killed by one called Bass. Sadly Willy didn't notice that his grand-daughter wasn't the same one.

For a few months the witches lived there in peace. Aiko lived with Len and his twin brother Hub aka Megaman. As Alyna lived with Willy, watching his plots against Megaman blow up in his face as she befriended one called Bass. She even meet with 'her' Dr. Regal who didn't even know that his original daugther was dead.

When the time came, Alyna went back, leaving Aiko with Len. ((Alyna did ask but Aiko didn't wanna go back.)) Alyna went back to 'hell' to learn more of her magic and to finch school there. She did reappear when school was out to be with her best friends and To check on her 'grandfather'.

Len's story-line basic...thingy...

At a young age, Lan with his father builded a body for his twin brother, Hub. Well Hub became the MegaMan that Dr. Willy came to H.A.T.E. as Hub didn't really care about the old guy.

Len and Hub worked together on a lot of things. In fact, Aiko once said that they had to be one once for all that they did together. (no yaoi sadly) It was from Len that she learned the basics of their world as Hub helped them both with school work since he was learning from home.

((to make it linked to both Battle Network as well as the classic Megaman, Hub is able to go into the Network as an 'PET'. Willy wanted to kill both versions of Megaman and sent bots after him offline and online. ))**

Ok 16 years later.

Alyna returned to the MM world to find her 'grandfather' working on a new bot. She made some notes of the new bot and went to Len. At first, She didn't know if she wanted to say anything since Len was updating Hub but Aiko got it out of her.

Once Len heard of the new bot, he started working on his new bot aka X. Alyna then asked for two items to help purfect the new bots from anything evil aka virus. Len did what she asked which took a while since he didn't fulling one of the 'evil' new bot.

Once the items where done, She took them and hide them. One for X was hid with with him as the other one was hid in a box, locked away in Willy's lab. Once she later disappeared again.

Oh before She disappeared again, she spent two-three months there, playing with an PET that her 'grandfather' gave her, Zero.exe. She didn't fully know anything about PETs, so she sent Hub alot of emails, so she shouldn't get her Zero killed. Sadly, Whenever she played with Zero.exe, she would be near the original WIP Zero. She didn't notice it but her 'grandfather' only give her the PET to keep her busy and away from Zero yet it didn't work. **

100 years later. (( Aiko used her magic to put her, Hub and Lan in a sleep as she stopped Lan's aging with her own. Hub doesn't change but he appears more X like with all of the updates. ))

---Ok this part is a WIP... but work with me.----

Dr. Cain found Lan's lab with X, Aiko, Lan and Hub all asleep. He couldn't awake them, so using Lan's disigns, he made reploids. a year or so later, Dr. Willy's Lab was found, yet no one could enter without dying. Sadly, Alyna reappeared right in front of that Lab. Right in front of a reploid called Sigma.

Alyna was comfused on things but she felt uneasy caming from the closed off lab. She knew what her 'grandfather' plot and didn't want others to get the virus locked away. Sadly Sigma told her of what's going on and She told him that she could fix things. After using her magic, Sigma allowed her.

In the lab, she didn't see nor look for Zero. In fact, she went to look for her box with the item. Sadly with the mess that he made, she knew that it would take awhile. Oddly Zero attacked her, which she used her magic and dogged all of his attacks. She tried talking to him but she noticed that he wasn't fully done. Then Sigma came in just as Alyna was getting to Zero, yet it over got Zero to forget her and attack Sigma.

So as they fought, she looked around for her box. Just as she found it, Sigma had knocked out Zero, making her forgetting the box to go to the red reploid.

A week later, She was talked into meeting with Dr. Cain as Zero slept. She was told of Lan and his lab. She told the old guy that she would wake them up only if he told the others not to hurt Zero. Once he said that he would, she left.

She went to the lab and kicked Aiko awoke. Once Aiko was awake, Alyna took her what was going on and that she needed Lan. Aiko woke up Lan and Hub. Lan then activated X and went with Alyna to *look over Zero even though she fixed and finched him, Len didn't believe her. **
A year after Abel city got went boom, Zero, X, Aiko, Len and Hub went to an island that Alyna had her 'father' buy her and learned that she had more hidden things about her then Aiko even knew And the two witches kept in touch. On the island, Alyna had a huge house/base build just for X and Zero to use as an Maverick Hunter base which the two did. Aiko and Len had their own lab and room. Hub became a hunter to help X as Zero oddly scared him. Alyna had her own room with lots of mythical planets as well as her personal PC which she had all of Zero's files and other things on it as well as her PET. There were lots of other rooms and such.

Two years into the war, Zero had 'dead' two times, had to be fixed 200 times and Alnya was getting annoyed with her 'lover'/bot. X on the other hand, was 'killed' three times, had to be fixed 250 times and by then, Len give up and said X was Alyna's bot as well. Hub, the last hunter, was lucky. He was never killed and was only had to be fixed 100 times. As the others, they came and went as the war even on.

However, There was new hope near the end of it. Zero had found an odd reploid that Alnya nor Len knew anything about. The reploid was Axl who became a hunter as well as Aiko's puppy as she called him.**

blah blah years later. ....
Working the elf wars where Zero wakes up only to save X once again. XD I'm so not allowing X to die. Also thanks to the magic of our witches, Hub, X and Zero are able to have sex and have babies. As for Axl, what if Lan and Aiko had a daughter that got with him.

Megaman AU


28 June 2020 at 21:21:26 MDT

Something I'm working on.

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