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Salya Darken / 32 / Female / Underworld with Hades or in the darkness realm

"What The?!"
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Hello there

Hi there. I'm sorry that I'm rarely on here but I'm trying. In fact for a long time, I had no way to get on here since my PC dead on me and well I'm on a used one until my guy gets me a new one. Also I really don't like DA now, So I may move here fully. And on top of it all, I'm working on 3 sites…

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Okay, I'm back on here after a long time. I'm going to be uploading a lot of pics since on DA I got a lot more that I need to add here. XD Also I have bad network, so I can't really get online daily nor for a long time. Oh, I do Commissions and they are low-priced. I'll get the infor up soon. =3

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Hi there

Hiya peeps. xD I want some peeps now. Anyways, I saw this site on one of my watchers on DA, So I can to check this site out. And well this site seems like fun. And maybe I'll get some new friends here? Who knows. Anyways about me? I go by Salya since I really hate my name. Which is Brenda. blah. I…