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I'm A Human in a Anthro furry world and i'm here to stay!

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Just want to say

Thank you!

I thank all of the faves, the watches, and the like from you guys. I am greatful that you all gave me the change to draw your characters, and that I am still working to finish the bit of requests made. Sadly I need to stop the requests for now cause I have a few to do and I want to try my hand at a comic or two. Also on that note that starting sometime next year or sooner I will open up commissions and YCH's (kerokamina kerokamina and furrytickling furrytickling kinda beat ya to the punch LOL). As for right now im going to do and redo some of the older drawings that i started out with as well as color them in flat colors.

As for the future, I will go back into shading. I felt that my abilities were not good enough to be noticed, but I'm going to work more on the matter so I can make the drawings really shine through. I want to try and animate and I ask if anyone can teach me. I'm a big fan of the animations from hammytoy hammytoy h0rs3 h0rs3 reaver2kl4u reaver2kl4u and the like. I have terrible attention span so please bear with me lol. Though for now here is the list of stuff i need to work on and finish also for those who requested stuff before this please get back with me so i can add you to the list. Again thank you all.

Oh before I forget. If you have pokemon couple suggestions just note me as I'm always thinking of new couples that haven't been done before ^w^.


Daniel (from Skype) - (M) Zapdos & (M) Pikachu
Mine - (M/F) Meganium & (M/F) Aurorus
speedlix09 (M) Anthro Garchomp
Mine - (M) Golduck & (M) Floatzel
seamaster YCH with goblimon
Mine - (M/F) Riolu/Lucario & (M/F) Meinfoo/Meinshao
Mine - (M) Lugia & (M) Yveltal
kerokamina Still deciding
nameneko134 character cuddling
Mine - (M) Flygon & (M) Garchomp
thatoneguy15-(M) Grovyle & (M) Noivern (will clean up and color)
thatoneguy15-(M) Articuno & (M)Aerodactyl
thatoneguy15-(M) Lugia & (M) Grovyle (rework and color)

asbel_lhant laughs maniacally

My Couple Choices:

(M/F) Milotic & (M/F) Dragonair
(M/F) Seviper & (M/F) Arbok
(F) Dewgong & (M) Walrein
(M) Tyrantrum & (M) Sceptile
(M) Tymbur & (M) Machop (evolutions)
(M) Rampardos & (M) Tyranitar
(M) Sceptile & (M) Tyranitar
(M) Blaziken & (M) Greninja
(M) Empoleon & (M) Swampert
(F) Bidoof & (M) Mightyena
(M) Sceptile & (M) Swampert
(M) Sceptile & (M) Charizard
(M) Blaziken & (M/F) Delphox
(M/F) Braxien & (M/F) Monferno

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    You're welcome.

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    Hi :D Would you be interested in commissioning an animation?

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      I wouldn't mind but not at the moment. Thanks for offering

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    thanks loads for the follow :D really appreciate it <3

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      no prob i like your stuff

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    No prob! Keep up the epicness :3

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    Thanks for the watch and the friend request! :)