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I draw!
Beyond drawing about anything I want, or working on a concept, I'm driving myself insane with 100% play through videos, which can be found in my youtube.

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2019 Commission Price List

All art comes in 2 distinct styles, Chibis, my normal Normal, in this order, the cost will go from lowest to highest regarding the work put in.
The Chibi style images are the smallest, an cost the least, with the least amount of detail.
The Normal style images are larger, with more detail than the Chibi style.

When something is marked as "Special made", this means that this object is vastly different from something else, an example.
Icons are special made as they have a border that's present and has been customized for that specific image, while a head shot and bust do not.
All images will come with a grey background, unless desired white or translucent.

Main: (Image size may vary)

$5 Full body Sketch
$10 Full body Coloured Sketch
$15 Full body Line
$20 Full body Coloured Line
No examples of the other categories under Full body

$20 Icons
Special made, comes with a border, all icons are 400x400, +$10 per additional icon, can be done in sets

$10 Bust
No backgrounds
$15 Body shot

No backgrounds
$10 Chibi

Comes with shading standard +$10 per additional Chibi
$15 Clothing Reference Sheet

Special made, built off a premade base, only gets 3 stills per one outfit
$40 Character Reference Sheet

Special made, additional +$10 per still
$5 Emblem
Special made, always 400x400 +$3 for colour, +$2 for shading, +$5 for background +$2 per additional layer of symmetry
Has no examples

$40 Wallpaper
Special made, Always shaded, may come with a prop, all images are 16:9 aspect, images are 1600x900 preferred, 3200x1800 maximum, can be done in both landscape and portrait
$80 World map
Special made, will always be 6000x3000 unless said world is a different shape entirely, +$20 per detailed grid square in a 2000x2000 image
Has no examples

Extra Character +$10
Shading +$10
Simple background +$5
Background +$10

Character design and background complexity may make the price vary.
I don't do animations at this time, please do not ask.
I can draw NSFW if desired, and I hold full right to deny any commission if I do not find it appropriate, I do not charge extra for NSFW images, however, the nature or content of an image may cause price to go up.
If you have any questions just ask. (Please ask me if you're uncertain)
Please be courteous to your artist, thank you~

Terms of Service
Any and all PSDs of the artwork made are not available to the general public unless it is a character that has been sold that comes with multiple pieces of artwork, or is a single image character that comes with variations (Adopts), no PSDs are to be given to the general public (this includes clients) as this would diminish the general value of my artwork.
Completing and finishing art are two different things for me entirely.
To finish art is to complete a stage in the works development, to complete art is to complete the art as a whole.

Payment Policy
Paypal (Currency: USD) goods and services, NO SHIPPING ADDRESS, NO COMMENT, these two things are very important, please double check your transactions before issuing them.
Payment will only be accepted once the finished sketch has been approved by the commissioner, before completion.

Cancellation Policy
If the finished sketch is not approved by the commissioner, or they are unhappy with the result, they may cancel the commission with full refund, however, all copyright and credit for
the sketch belong to me, and I do not have to post said sketch.

Refund Policy
If you are unhappy with the finished product, you will be refunded half of the money spent on said commission.
If the image has been nearly fully, or fully completed, and I still can not satisfy your desire art wise, I will not refund your money for the work put in.

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    I really like your 3D work, you've got some awesome designs on here!

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      Thank you! I've honestly only been working with this for a little under a week now.

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    Thank you kindly for following my gallery dear!~

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    Hi, thanks for the follow :D You have some neat stuff so I'll follow back too!

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      You're welcome, and thank you very much. ^^

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    thank 4 follow but do know you just signed up for a ton of ignis