Hi Guys, I'm badgefox...
I like drawing art, and
I'm typically on furafinity and here :D
Feel free to message me or chat sometime
Also... PLEASE do not give me destructive criticism ei. mentioning the bad as if they ruin the good.
An example of this is I like ... but ... needs improvement.



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Animated Commissions Open

on 26 October 2017 at 18:34:55 MDT

Hey guys, so now that I've gotten a little better at animating I can do commissions :D

It's at 14 frames per second this time and the price is as follows

Here are some examples:

$10 per segment (each segment of animation split by different camera views)
$15 for each scene
[Color=yellow]What's allowed: General furry art, Paw stuff, tfs, goo tf, battles, vore[color]
Rules: You MUST post a storyline and clarify what happens in each segment (saying where you want the camera to be would be appreciated)

Example: Scene Small Town
Segment 1: steps on town and walks away (camera shakes as character stomps)
(this would be $25, and roughly 100 frames) :D

Other Rules: No kinky camera angles, like close ups on butts or breast
No exposed "jiggly areas" such as bouncing br... I think you get it -_-
No exposed genitals

Do NOT fill the comments with Nsfw stuff. If you're that determined then note me

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    Thanks for the fav! :)

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    thx for the follow :3

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    yo sup, it's always cool to add relevant tags to things, but uhhh, some of those things are definitely not female haha

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    Hey! I appreciate your attempt to be helpful on the Liquid-Shifting pic's tags, but there are actually no female characters in that piece! Both are altersex, not female, you just can't see their genitals in the image.

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      whoops D: didn't know that was a thing