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Hey! I'm Justin.
I'm a 19 yr old artist with autism from England.
I do digital and traditional art and animation.

I will start drawing more normal sized furries at some point.....

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Where you can find me

I don't post here as often anymore and I also don't post everything here anymore too.

If you want to see everything I post follow me here:
I'm more active on all these

There's more sites here too:

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    Thank you so much for the follow! :3

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    Thank you so much for the fave!

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    Thanks for the fav! :3

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    Happy Birthday, Bloodwolf. I wish you health and happiness and your hopes and dreams.

    btw sorry for commenting here twice.

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    Thank you so much for liking my pieces and following me! ^u^ I'm glad you like my art

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    Hello, Blood Wolf. I just want to say that I really appreciate your talent and your artwork and I am impressed that you are brave enough to put out so much of your art online. I just want to say that I can relate to you in many ways.

    Not only are we close to the same age, but I am also autistic and have had a unique artistic ability since my earlier years of childhood. And also, I do have anxiety and have symptoms what could possibly be depression, though I have not been properly diagnosed as of yet. But I will say that I am glad you have been willing to put yourself out there like that. You actually have been a source of inspiration for me when it comes to wanting to put my art online. Though I am still working on it.

    I just want to say that you are a great artist and I wish you well for the start of this new year of 2018.

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      Thank you, I hope you have a great 2018 too.

      I didn't think I could be anyone's inspiration, I've never really thought I was good enough for that.

      I actually don't post as much of my art as I used to ( I also can't post much here because it keeps getting removed and it usually feels like it's for unfair reasons) But I try to not let anxiety get in the way when posting art, which can be difficult. :P

      (sorry, Im really bad at replying to things and I'm really bad at sounding normal when I do reply. I never know how to say what I'm thinking XP )