I'm more active on DA, Furiffic and youtube
its just been hard to be able to upload to all my accounts

Hey, my name is Blood wolf I am 15 years old and spend all my time alone drawing and animating.

I think I really suck a lot when it comes to art but you tell me what you think.

I speak English (obviously) but I'm trying to learn German (Maybe you could try say some things in German to me) and then if I can actually do that maybe Spanish or French.
I suck at learning though... so poop
I'm an Idiot

I like all types of art but I've never had the money to buy the things I need, I've only ever done most this stuff when I was in primary school for mothers day and stuff.
If I ever do get the stuff I need its cheep and doesn't work or I cant buy enough of it to actually use and that stuff is usually cheep too.
I've been animating with flipnote studio since the end of 2012 and doing digital art since Christmas 2014.
I've done traditional art since 2003,2004? just since I could pick up a pencil, I was about 2 or 3 years old, I've always loved drawing.
(I know everyone will probably draw at that age but I did it a lot then ,just go look at the wall by my grandmas fridge and in the boxes in my shed)

Here's a few things I like
My favourite animal is a wolf
My fav mythical creature is a dragon
My fav dog breed is rough haired collie
My fav band is Skillet
2nd fav is Dead By April
and 3rd fav is Get scared
but I love way to many bands and almost all types of music
I also like drawing while my cat sits on my lap
but falls sleep and is not wanting his put his face in mine
and take my pen away so I cant draw...

I have really bad anxiety and depression , my anxiety is the worst. so if I ever don't reply to anyone that's why, but nobody would want to talk to me or say anything about my art anyway.

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My birthday

on 27 May 2016 at 02:14:06 MDT

Well, its my birthday today, I'm 15.
I feel a bit better about my birthday than I did the other day, I got quite a few proper art things which will always make me happy.

I don't really thinks there's much for me to say, I just thought a good time to make my first journal was on my birthday.

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