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If You'd Like to Contact me or Just Talk

on 12 August 2017 at 01:33:39 MDT

--Pasted from FA journal--

I was a bit hesitant about this for personal reasons, but I should note that I more or less do not use Skype anymore. If you would like to contact me for whatever reason, I have moved to Discord.
You can add me at Jon-Nobo#2999. I have added this to the contact info section of my profile as well.

I will keep Skype installed just incase Discord goes down at times, which it has, but do not expect speedy replies, if at all...
I should also note that I'm not particularly talkative? I will only speak when spoken to, so don't take it too personally or anything if it feels like I'm giving you cold shoulder or being anti-social.


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1. Sketch

Sort-of messy, sort-of clean sketches. White BG & line color of choice.
$ 5.00

2. Colored Sketch

Minimal cleaning with flat colors. White or transparent BG, line color is black.
$ 10.00
add  After-Effects: 25~30% of price depending on complexity
$ 0.00

3. Lineart

(Exchange colors for clean art) Clean lines on white/transparent BG. Filled w/ white. Line color of choice.
$ 10.00

4. Flat Colors

Simple flats. Very, very minimal shading if applicable. Transparent/white/simple BGs. Line color of choice.
$ 15.00
Simple shading, similar to submission "Got a Bone to Pick With You."
$ 18.00
add  After-Effects: 25~30% of price depending on complexity
$ 0.00
add  Lineless (Or Near-Lineless): 15% of Price
$ 0.00

5. Full Shading

Complete shading w/ textures if desired. Transparent/white/simple BGs. Colored lines if desired.
$ 20.00
add  After-Effects: 25~30% of price depending on complexity
$ 0.00
add  Lineless (Or Near-Lineless): 15% of Price
$ 0.00

6. Additional Characters

Add up to 2 more characters for a total of 3 to your image. +50% of the base price of the tier selected.
$ 0.00

--Commission Info--

• As much as I'd like to deny it, I'm pretty damn picky about what I'll draw... Character-wise. Your best bet is Pokemon, as my gallery shows, but feel free to ask... However, without a doubt, I will not draw humans or anthros/general furries. I've tried before, & I'm not satisfied with my skills to do so.
• I always have 5 slots open at a time; I will take up to 5 at once & re-open all 5 once my queue is finished unless otherwise stated.
I will always send a watermarked preview of the starting sketch regardless of tier to ensure things are fine, then again if lineart or above is purchased. I will absolutely not continue your commission until I have received payment past the lineart stage; I will send an invoice via PayPal & resume work once it has been paid off.
• Everything listed is a base price. When I send an invoice for payment, I will charge extra to make up for PayPal's sending fees. To get an idea, take your base total, add 2.9% of it, then add 30 cents.
Additions/options such as effects or lineless will be sent with the original version as well.
I am NOT taking any NSFW commissions; I am not very good at NSFW art & I'd rather not disappoint anybody with it.
• Going from a colored sketch to lineart, you are trading flat colors for much cleaner & final lines.
• For the flat color tier, you may pay $18 for something similar to Got a Bone to Pick With You.
• For full shading, I can shade in different ways; Some examples are from Shying Away, The Tiny King, & Birds of a Feather...
• For after-effects, look to The Runt & the Mentor & A Long Night for an example of before & after.


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