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on 12 March 2020 at 19:50:21 MDT

If some of you bothered to read my previous (now deleted) journal, I mentioned a bit off-handedly that I was having some issues with a leg injury that were keeping me from work for the week, so I had opened a single slot for commissions in the meantime. (I'm working on this, don't worry!)

However, after seeing my doctor regarding the matter, I was informed that I was to stay off said leg & take medication to help alleviate the issue/pain until further treatment can be done; This also means that I will be off work for a few months. As such, I will likely be opening commissions up regularly after I finish up what I started from the previous journal. It all depends on how things go, & I'm also not sure how many slots I'll take/do. I'll still work as slow as I usually do as well, (poor habits) so I'll hold off on doing said openings until I'm sure how I want to go about it.
Keep an eye out, I suppose?

If I don't open a lot of slots & you miss out, or I end up not doing them at all, don't forget, I still have a request journal/thread that anyone is welcome to throw what-have-you in there! I'm always looking at it.

Also, please don't worry too much about me! I'm sure I'll be fine & I'm getting along fine as well, I just would prefer to have a little work on the side if I'm going to be stuck in one place for the time being.

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1. Sketch

Sort-of messy, sort-of clean sketches. White BG & line color of choice.
$ 5.00

2. Colored Sketch

Minimal cleaning with flat colors. White or transparent BG, line color is black.
$ 10.00

3. Lineart

(Exchange colors for clean art) Clean lines on white/transparent BG. Filled w/ white. Line color of choice.
$ 12.00

4. Flat Colors

Simple flats. Very, very minimal shading if applicable. Transparent/white/simple BGs. Line color of choice.
$ 15.00
add  After-Effects: 10~25% of price depending on complexity
from $ 1.50
to $ 3.75
add  Lineless (Or Near-Lineless): 30% of Price
$ 4.50

5. Full Shading

Complete shading w/ textures if desired. Transparent/white/simple BGs. Colored lines if desired.
$ 30.00
add  After-Effects: 10~25% of price depending on complexity
from $ 3.00
to $ 7.00
add  Lineless (Or Near-Lineless): 30% of Price
$ 9.00

Additional Characters

Add up to 2 more characters for a total of 3 to your image. +50% of the base price of the tier selected.
$ 0.00


Get NSFW artwork for an extra 10% of the total.
$ 0.00

--Commission Info--

I have a F-List to serve as a tool of what I will & won't draw.
Items under Fave & Yes, I will definitely (try) to draw.
Items under Maybe, you should ask me about first.
Items under No, I will definitely not draw.

What am I Allowed to do with the Commission I Ordered?
As long as you aren't using your commission for commercial content, unless you specifically ordered for use in commercial/paid content, you may do whatever you please with your commission, as long as you credit me for creating the art.

How good are you at Drawing [blank]?
There's no certain way for me to tell how good I am at drawing something that I haven't drawn before; It's up to you if you want to see how well I can execute your idea.

I can't pay the Invoice you sent, what is Going to Happen?
In the event that you cannot pay for the order when it's time to do so, let me know ASAP & why! If you don't say anything, I can only assume what happened! If you don't tell me anything on it within a week or so, or let me know ahead of time if you might not be able to, then I will simply move onto whoever's been waiting.

I want my Commission Styled like [this image]!
If you want a commission done in a certain style, let me know & we can discuss it in more detail.

Your Price Listing says "Three Slots at a time," but you Already Filled up Three Slots!
As stated in my Commission Sheet, you will have to wait until I have finished every commission in my queue, or a slot opens up for any given reason.

I want to Order a Private Commission.
Unfortunately, I will not do private orders. However, you may wish to remain anonymous when you are placing your order, & I will not put your name down in the queue & on the submission itself.

I want to Upgrade an old Commission I got!
That is perfectly fine! However, if your order was during a discount time, you will still have to pay for the upgrade as if it were regular-price.

Can I have the Work Files of my Commission? (.psd, .xcf, etc)
Yes! If you wish to have access to these raw files, I do not mind sending them. However, keep in mind, I work in GIMP 2, so files will be in .xcf format. If I convert them to .psd, *the image may not look the same as it does in .xcf format.

I want to Order a Commission with one of your Characters!
You may do so, but there are some restrictions/limits that I have for some of these characters. Currently, the restrictions are as follows

•Mature/Adult content is not allowed.★
•Try to keep some of his character in mind.★
•Nothing too romantic/loving/etc, please.
•If the content is going to be Mature/Adult, it must be heterosexual in nature.(M/F Only)
•Again, keeping character in mind would be appreciated.
(Currently, the restrictions marked with ★ only apply to my own work. If you wish to commission a different artist for your idea, the other restrictions do not apply.)

If you have any questions, or things you want more clarification on, feel free to leave a reply here or contact me!


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