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Commission Queue:
1. Anonymous, Two NSFW sketches [1/2 Finished] (Referencing)
2. Ganix, Inked Wing-It (Not Started)
3. Lu, Flats (Not Started)
4. TempusIncurvo, Reference Sheet (Not Started)
5. Teyano, Flats (Not Started)


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Commissions Closed!

on 22 March 2019 at 03:35:43 MDT

(Update 3/22, 4:45M PST: Wow! I didn't expect slots to fill so quickly... Thank you all for your interest! If you were still holding off due to something like waiting on money & we already discussed, I will make an exception. I will not accept any further orders, however!)
I am now accepting orders for commissions once again! This time I've opened up four regular slots, alongside two wing-it type slots! Most of you already know how my commissions are, so please refer to my prices & FAQ for more information regarding those.

(Update 3/22, 9:50AM PST: I have filled my Wing-it slots rather fast! Thank you for your interest!)
As for the wing-it commissions... I want to try inking for lineart! I'm usually too busy with commissions to do that in my free time, so I'd like to offer these for the time being! They will be priced at $7 each, with the following limitations:

•You will be unable to get a shaded image. It will be without color, but I will be willing to give it a transparent background with the rest of the image filled in white. (You may request flats for an additional $2.)
•These will be single-character only.
•I will provide only a single WIP in sketch-form & I will not make any changes to the final product afterwards unless I have made a mistake/error.
•I would strongly prefer not to draw NSFW for this; If you want something NSFW then keep in mind the possibility that it will not look that good.

Lastly, as these are wing-its, you will not be able to decide an exact pose or other specifications as you would be able to with a regular commission. I will ask for the character you want me to draw, general theme(s) (or fetish[es], i guess), & what you are looking for in a general sense. A good example of what I'm looking for would be along the lines of "This is my character & their references; I want something cute of her that shows off their bubbly personality/focuses on these parts of their design, from a front or semi-side perspective."
Unfortunately, I don't have much reference for this sort of thing outside of this, so do bear with me.

If you are interested, or want more specific details/a quote on something, feel free to contact me!

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1. Sketch

Sort-of messy, sort-of clean sketches. White BG & line color of choice.
$ 5.00

2. Colored Sketch

Minimal cleaning with flat colors. White or transparent BG, line color is black.
$ 10.00

3. Lineart

(Exchange colors for clean art) Clean lines on white/transparent BG. Filled w/ white. Line color of choice.
$ 12.00

4. Flat Colors

Simple flats. Very, very minimal shading if applicable. Transparent/white/simple BGs. Line color of choice.
$ 15.00
add  After-Effects: 10~25% of price depending on complexity
from $ 1.50
to $ 3.75
add  Lineless (Or Near-Lineless): 30% of Price
$ 4.50

5. Full Shading

Complete shading w/ textures if desired. Transparent/white/simple BGs. Colored lines if desired.
$ 30.00
add  After-Effects: 10~25% of price depending on complexity
from $ 3.00
to $ 7.00
add  Lineless (Or Near-Lineless): 30% of Price
$ 9.00

Additional Characters

Add up to 2 more characters for a total of 3 to your image. +50% of the base price of the tier selected.
$ 0.00


Get NSFW artwork for an extra 10% of the total.
$ 0.00

--Commission Info--

I have a F-List to serve as a tool of what I will & won't draw.
Items under Fave & Yes, I will definitely (try) to draw.
Items under Maybe, you should ask me about first.
Items under No, I will definitely not draw.

What am I Allowed to do with the Commission I Ordered?
As long as you aren't using your commission for commercial content, unless you specifically ordered for use in commercial/paid content, you may do whatever you please with your commission, as long as you credit me for creating the art.

How good are you at Drawing [blank]?
There's no certain way for me to tell how good I am at drawing something that I haven't drawn before; It's up to you if you want to see how well I can execute your idea.

I can't pay the Invoice you sent, what is Going to Happen?
In the event that you cannot pay for the order when it's time to do so, let me know ASAP & why! If you don't say anything, I can only assume what happened! If you don't tell me anything on it within a week or so, or let me know ahead of time if you might not be able to, then I will simply move onto whoever's been waiting.

I want my Commission Styled like [this image]!
If you want a commission done in a certain style, let me know & we can discuss it in more detail.

Your Price Listing says "Three Slots at a time," but you Already Filled up Three Slots!
As stated in my Commission Sheet, you will have to wait until I have finished every commission in my queue, or a slot opens up for any given reason.

I want to Order a Private Commission.
Unfortunately, I will not do private orders. However, you may wish to remain anonymous when you are placing your order, & I will not put your name down in the queue & on the submission itself.

I want to Upgrade an old Commission I got!
That is perfectly fine! However, if your order was during a discount time, you will still have to pay for the upgrade as if it were regular-price.

Can I have the Work Files of my Commission? (.psd, .xcf, etc)
Yes! If you wish to have access to these raw files, I do not mind sending them. However, keep in mind, I work in GIMP 2, so files will be in .xcf format. If I convert them to .psd, *the image may not look the same as it does in .xcf format.

I want to Order a Commission with one of your Characters!
You may do so, but there are some restrictions/limits that I have for some of these characters. Currently, the restrictions are as follows

•Mature/Adult content is not allowed.★
•Try to keep some of his character in mind.★
•Nothing too romantic/loving/etc, please.
•If the content is going to be Mature/Adult, it must be heterosexual in nature.(M/F Only)
•Again, keeping character in mind would be appreciated.
(Currently, the restrictions marked with ★ only apply to my own work. If you wish to commission a different artist for your idea, the other restrictions do not apply.)

If you have any questions, or things you want more clarification on, feel free to leave a reply here or contact me!


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