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Children have you ever met the Bogeyman before? by Nomax

Children have you ever met the Bogeyman before?


Commission done for Onyxcenturion on FA of his character and Rosie from Bioshock , and he can throw another thank you very much onto the pile he is hoarding at this point :D

It's in a way a bit of a continuation of the last Bioshock themed picture i did for him a while ago, just this time it's Rosie who Onyx appears to have ended up angering. Git gud goddamnit!

Fun picture this one! Couldn't sleep that day so i just was sitting there in bed, nicely tucked in in my blanket and had the idea spring up. Didn't for the life of me want to get out into the cold and grab a pencil and paper so a friend of mine just got a message of "Glass view outside" without much context beyond that so that i would be reminded reading it the next day. Well, i'm sure he is happy to see that i didn't annoy him for no reason! :D

Was actually quite a challanging picture to balance as well, with the reflection , the characters, some of the outside effects like the bubbles and cracks. It's a lot that layers on top of one another which makes it tough to get it into a state that is quickly readable and isn't just a bunch of noise because there is something going on everywhere in the picture. Omitted any sort of detail in the background inside because of that. Would have just been too much. Was fun though, interesting picture certainly!

This picture also is available as a print alongside a variety of merchandise like items. So if you're interested head on over to either : (this store offers a much higher artist cut if you want to make sure most of your money ends up with the artist )
or (with more weird stuff, like wall clocks and whatnot)

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    Love the look of those bubbles, as well as all the textures you've got going through this picture. Excellent work!

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      Thank you very much! :)

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    This is absolutely stunning!

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    Really well done! I love the detail of the air escaping through the cracks in the glass :)

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      Thank you very much :)