You can call me Ryder.

Personality/Temperament: Idealist (NF) also known as Idealist-ENFP-Champion (Portrait of an ENFP)

I'm a white Hispanic FTM male that can speak both English and Spanish, though I need some practice in Spanish...its been a while. I lived on an island for a number of years so there are still a few things that other Americans take for granted that are foreign to me. (Like old movie quotes...don't expect me to know what you're talking about >.<")

Why am I here? Well its always nice to have different places to upload work and to encourage me to practice. I dabble in sketching, enjoy digital coloring but LOVE photography.

I hope you all enjoy my submissions. If not, let me know why!


I am Trans FtM Male
I am Pansexual

I am Polyamorous


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For Anyone Trying To Message Me

on 13 September 2013 at 17:32:58 MDT

Trillian crashed but seems to be still active on my laptop. So if you message me and I don't answer but appear online. Its my laptop being a douche.

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Flat Color - Color Work

Flat Color Requests
$ 0.00

I take requests to color line arts of your character or to match your character. I require proof that the line work is yours or is free to use. If created by an artist for you, I will be contacting said artist to ensure that they permit their work to be colored.

I do not add tone (shade) and retain my right to choose my work and reject work at any moment for any reason.


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