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"I believe that the way we treat our planet can best be described by comparing it to

locking all of your windows & doors and setting fire to your home with you inside,

yes you may find a way out if you run to the basement or attic fast enough but

the key is to never let things get that way in the first place, the key is in never

letting the fire spread that far..."

(Richard E Field, 2010.)

"Even the brightest of lights shall cast a shadow, even the deepest darkness is born from light, one cannot be without the other,

though the light may grow dim with despair so too may the darkness grow bright with hope."

Sexuality: Straight.

Sex: Yes please! xD but no for real, I'm a dude.

Preferred temperature, no more than 20c.

Most hated temperature, +30c and higher + humidity.

Coldest temperature without coat, -10c.

Personal dreams/goals: To be able to have a forge and take up smithing, I'd love to live in an area that never gets too hot, I'd love to visit Kyoto some day maybe even live there~

Likes: Green eyes, clear moonlit nights~, Cuddles~, steak, classic cars, drawing/doodles, tigers~, designing/building swords and other melee weapons~

Dislikes: Close minded people, fighting, people that don't take no as an answer (for the most part), large angry dogs, new age cars, creepy stalkers, and I HATE guns!

Fetishes: Wonderfully green eyes~, oral, anal, foot pads and paw pads, tigers and felines in general, white "cream" on black fur~, cat-like actions and the ilk~

Turn offs: Anything involving blood, gore, suffocation, inflation, pedophilia or bodily functions (with obvious exception to semen), smoking, drinking, and another one that

I'm not 100% sure of the name on but it's not inflation or hyper but more... excessively fat is how I could describe it, it just bothers me I'm sorry. Anything else should be okay?



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    Heheh! Magnificent eh? Nice greeting :D. Doing pretty well myself, how about you fantastic beast?

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      Thanks for the watch on this site BTW

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    Thanks a bunch for the watch!

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    Oh thats funny... The piece I fav is owned by someone who knows my friend Sakina. Small world.

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      Small world indeed, and thanks for the favorite!

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    Oh thats funny... The piece I fav is owned by someone who knows my friend Sakina. Small world.

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