Hey, I'm feel like I'm never really good at these things. I never really know what to say. Um... well, hi my name is Chri Wallace I am also known as Fenrir Lokison. I am a rather shy and quite artist. I am a casual artist so new material may be slow. I like canines, birds, and gryphons the most for anthos/animals. I also enjoy ferrets, cause they are amusing.

Relationship status: Married :3

Other websites you will find me:

Deviant Art (for human art)

Twitter (for bird art, not much mind you and twitter stuff)

Tumblr (for fan art, mostly Fenrir fan art and reblogs)


and here on Weasyl(for furry art)
Google +
Art stuff:

I don't draw porn anymore or anything I feel is too fetishy.
Paint Tool Sai is my main art tool, right after mechanical pencil.

I have a price sheet and some examples, but I feel as though I should warn you that I use a lot of reference for my pictures. This and the fact that I don't get commissioned, has led me to take down the commission prices on my front page.

The prices can vary depending on difficulty and if there are more then one character. Got an idea that you don't think fits these? Note me and we will figure something out.

Price Sheet

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on 4 March 2015 at 08:18:39 MST

I have kinda been thinking about checking Pinterest. I wasn't sure about it cause the site itself is kind of annoying with getting you to sign up for it in order to see things. If you don't it covers like half your screen with "please join us" or pretty much that. I decided to finally make an account with them and it seems pretty nice there. There is a good deal of reference that I have found. I am not sure if I will post things up there or not. I am still figuring out the website itself. I may just collect pretty pictures there, who knows? If you are already there or plan on joining it yourself I am under the name fenrir_lokison (big surprise) and this link should go to my page.

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