My name is Taoki, also known as Mircea Kitsune. I was born in 1989 and live in Bucharest in Romania. I'm a computer nerd, interested in gaming and everything open-source... currently a contributor to several FOSS game engines as well as a 3D animator. Since 2014 I've taken a stronger interest in science... particularly quantum physics, biohacking, and consciousness. I've been part of the furry fandom since 2005, which I joined as a consequence of being trans-species (otherkin).

For those interested in my non-physical identity: I identify myself as a "fox person" (intelligent bipedal fox). I'm a relatively young female kitsune, with red fur and black paws / forearms / forelegs, and crimson long hair. I have a short pointy muzzle, larger human-like eyes, and slightly thinner limbs despite being somewhat chubby. Other traits might vary.

While I try to be open and accepting of different opinions and beliefs, I prefer to avoid people who can't accept me for what I really am, while I won't tolerate anyone who harasses me over it. If you think that physical appearance alone defines one's true identity, or that people who are different are dangerous / sick / misguided, please leave me alone. I tend to be untrusting of "normal" people (most non-furs and non-kin) due to bad experiences, and apologize for any misjudgment I myself might carry. My dream is to create a world where everyone who's different can have their voice heard and their experiences shared, and the ability to live a normal life as who they truly are.

For those interested in more personal things, applicable in RP and art: I'm always open to sexy stuff, as long as the person is someone I like and feel comfortable around. I'm bisexual with a preference toward females and especially herms. I am however only attracted to furries / anthropomorphics, witch means I'm not comfortable with humans from this perspective (neither online nor in real life). I'm highly submissive in general, with soft vore (being prey) one of the things I enjoy most. Simply cuddling or spending time with someone is also something I love doing.

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A message to the fanatics harassing artists

on 5 September 2017 at 17:31:28 MDT

Grab your popcorn, grab your soda: It's time for another very angry rant from your (usually) friendly neighborhood vixen, MirceaKitsune.

Disclaimer: My intent is not to actively attack any specific person and group. If by chance this journal breaks any site rules, I'm not aware of that at the time of this posting and apologize; As far as I know you're allowed to express your opinion on any subject, and I've seen many people rant much harder than me. Also this writing is cross-posted across all of the websites I'm using.

So every once in a while, a reoccurring scenario takes place on some of the art sites I frequent. To sum it all up in a number of steps:

1 - There's an announcement regarding changes in the site rules, or some other general discussion about the furry fandom.
2 - I decide to scroll through the comments to see people's opinions or post thoughts of my own.
3 - I suddenly encounter a comment scrutinizing the staff for not doing more to detect secretly underage characters in porn art, delete it and ban the artists from the site.
4 - Finding myself compelled to say something, I suggest the user to stop promoting pointless hatred and censorship aimed against artwork.
5 - The person immediately accuses me of being a pedophile or supporting them, expresses their hatred toward me, and blocks me before anything more can be said.

Now what really pissed me off wasn't just this cliche argument taking place in a comment section, but an unrelated event that just so happened to top it; I woke up to find a PM from an unknown user on one of the art sites, which of course I will not name here without their permission. The title read something among the lines of "stop excusing that pedophile". It took me a while to figure out that it's about a short comment I left on a submission from the same site: It was made by one of my favorite cartoon artists, and featured an arguably cub-ish character having sex... in it I pretty much said that I love their style and hope they won't ever run into trouble for drawing this controversial genre. I was lectured on how apologizing pedophiles will get me into trouble, how the site's staff has a conspiracy to not ban this artist, and how the person already helped get the artist's friends banned over sneaking cryptic kid porn.

I'm going to make myself very clear to everyone who is doing this sort of thing: I have just about had it with your fanatical bullshit! What in the living hell is wrong with you people?! Do you seriously think I care to join you on crusades to demonize and harass artists, just because they draw something that triggers your sorry fat asses?! Do you somehow believe I'm obligated to share your fragile feelings on how someone depicts underage characters in a fucking drawing, because if I don't you're going to twist reality and claim that I support child abuse? Because guess what: I won't. And do you know what I legitimately think? I think the lot of you are more twisted and despicable than some actual child abusers... which don't get me wrong, are pretty wrong in the head. Your fanaticism rivals that of radicalized Muslims and the Christian inquisition, whereas the way you address problems makes me think of the Nazis and the KKK. There are simply no fucking words.

Since I know some people lack the basic intelligence to understand what I'm even talking about here, and are likely foaming around the corners of their mouths screaming "he's supporting the pedophiles", allow me to explain what this is all about in a way their microscopic brains can hopefully grasp: This is about people's uncanny and cringe worthy inability to separate fictional art from reality. This is about a bunch of human beings who are so fucking mad, they want to see artists banned or beaten or arrested for creating a god damn drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper! This is about the demented lot that spends hours looking at porn on art sites, only to find if a character might be secretly underage so they can usher staff and gangs of cyberbullies to intimidate that artist. Do you people have a flicker of lucidity on just how ridiculous you fucking are? Do you have any awareness of just how far you have lost touch with reality? Does acting like a peasant chasing witches and heretics with torches and pitchforks in the 21th century seriously feel right to you?

Yes folks: I'm well aware that in this human world we live on, there is a thing called pedophilia which is the next big social issue after terrorism. You can be sure that I disagree with rape of any kind, it's an evil thing to do just like robbery or murder! Only difference for me is that I don't give a crap whether it's a child or not, as for me age generally makes little difference... unlike some hypocrites who shit up a tornado when a 14 year old deliberately asks for sex, yet if it's a 20 year old girl actually getting raped it's her fault for wearing a sexy outfit and inciting the men. Pathetic... just pathetic.

Never the less, not even fear for the safety of children justifies the shit I've lived to see some people do at this point. To start an outright frenzy over someone drawing a few lines and circles... no, just fucking hell no; Even the apes from which the neanderthals evolved would know better than that! Unfortunately I have to point a few facts of basic realism, for those who have floated away into utter madness:

1 - Looking at rape art does not make you a rapist... looking at films where people shoot each other doesn't make you a killer... all the same, looking at cubs having sex does not make you a pedophile. Watching a piece of art, no matter what it's about, will NEVER EVER cause someone to magically turn into a criminal! Even if it somehow did, censoring art would still not be the solution... because that's batshit crazy!
2 - The event does not happen in any physical reality that I'm aware of, it's just pixels on a screen. No real living being is getting mentally nor physically damaged, it's all in your obsessive minds! Want no underage characters doing sexy stuff? Look away from the screen and poof, they disappear from the reality of your brain! Problem fucking solved... who would have ever imagined?
3 - Consider that the characters you see aren't even humans; Many pieces imply that, in the society where the action occurs, having sex before being under the highly specific age of 18 is a perfectly okay thing! This is especially true for anthro characters, which suggest a parallel timeline or aliens from another planet. You're further making a fool of yourself by projecting your paranoia and controversies onto a race which works differently from humans... if those characters were real some would be laughing their asses off at you!

Before anyone asks, yes I'm aware that Furaffinity and other art sites have rules against this type of artwork... also that in a few dictatorships masquerading as 1st world countries, creating or looking at a drawing can get you in the thought police's torture camps. I do not promote anyone breaking any site rules, nor will I waste my time debating them let alone presenting the sane alternatives available. However I have the right to an opinion and to otherwise discourage something I disagree with... this now being one of the few things to have ignited true burning hatred within my soul.

In ending, I have one request to make; I kindly ask every person who supports the active persecution of artists for any of the things they draw to get the fuck outta my face. Same goes for people who take issue with the fact that I find cub porn cute, whereas my love and support for it grows the more this ridiculous hatred rises. Obviously I don't give a damn if you dislike this sort of theme yourself... I only mind diseased craziness in people. Please write your comment filled with lies and anger below, block me to prove your morality to your fellow idiots, then get lost; I don't want to interact with those kinds of batshit delusional people a minute longer than I have to in this world. As for the rest, thank you for being among the sane few of us and for supporting logic and common sense in a world that's rapidly losing both. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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