My name is Taoki, also known as Mircea Kitsune. I was born in 1989 and live in Bucharest in Romania. I'm a computer nerd, interested in gaming and everything open-source... currently a contributor to several FOSS game engines as well as a 3D animator. Since 2014 I've taken a stronger interest in science... particularly quantum physics, biohacking, and consciousness. I've been part of the furry fandom since 2005, which I joined as a consequence of being trans-species (otherkin).

For those interested in my non-physical identity: I identify myself as a "fox person" (intelligent bipedal fox). I'm a relatively young female kitsune, with red fur and black paws / forearms / forelegs, and crimson long hair. I have a short pointy muzzle, larger human-like eyes, and slightly thinner limbs despite being somewhat chubby. Other traits might vary.

While I try to be open and accepting of different opinions and beliefs, I prefer to avoid people who can't accept me for what I really am, while I won't tolerate anyone who harasses me over it. If you think that physical appearance alone defines one's true identity, or that people who are different are dangerous / sick / misguided, please leave me alone. I tend to be untrusting of "normal" people (most non-furs and non-kin) due to bad experiences, and apologize for any misjudgment I myself might carry. My dream is to create a world where everyone who's different can have their voice heard and their experiences shared, and the ability to live a normal life as who they truly are.

For those interested in more personal things, applicable in RP and art: I'm always open to sexy stuff, as long as the person is someone I like and feel comfortable around. I'm bisexual with a preference toward females and especially herms. I am however only attracted to furries / anthropomorphics, witch means I'm not comfortable with humans from this perspective (neither online nor in real life). I'm highly submissive in general, with soft vore (being prey) one of the things I enjoy most. Simply cuddling or spending time with someone is also something I love doing.

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Rethinking my approach to Patreon

on 12 November 2017 at 08:53:38 MST

I am going to be honest: I have been dealing with a lot of stress and depression over Patreon lately, which has only added to turmoil already caused by other issues. Not only is my PayPal account due to become restricted in 3 weeks unless the staff verifies my information, which doesn't happen because they mysteriously disappear into a black hole whenever they try to look at it; I have in a matter of weeks lost $150, and am now down to less than $300 per month. Yes... I'm literally at 3 quarters of what I released the first version of Vore Tournament for.

I've spoken to or know most of the people who lowered their pledges, and wish to clarify that this isn't anyone's fault! Several patrons ran into monetary issues and simply couldn't offer me as much as they did in the past. As someone who's in that situation, I perfectly understand this and suggested they make sure to take care of themselves first. Of course it offers me little comfort; Not only will I have what's probably the poorest Christmas so far, but I'm basically fucked as far as paying bills and mounting debts goes.

This post is mostly me thinking out loud on the situation and what I am to do next; I'm obviously not giving up on Patreon, but at this moment I'm far less motivated to work on a lot of projects... progress will therefore still happen but likely more slowly. I'm planning on revamping my Patreon page as well at some point, possibly adding new goals for extra rewards... I'll see what I come up with in this regard.

Your feedback here can be useful: If there's anything you don't like or believe I could do better, or if you have any suggestions for my page... let me know what you'd like to see done differently!

For the time being I'm in the process of posting previews for an ambitious rendered series I've been working on. Several sneak peaks are already available, with the reveal continuing up into December! If you're looking for an immediate reason to get involved, please take a look at my announcements which offer a brief description:

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