It's Nothing Personal, It's Just... by TheoTheFox

It's Nothing Personal, It's Just...


18 December 2013 at 19:39:01 MST

Foshu hums as she releases your paw reaching for her, your fingers far too slippery by the whaledragon's saliva to hold onto her anymore anyway. "Mmnnh... this is nothing personal little fox..." The fennec vixen churrs, watching you struggle to keep your head from being engulfed by the encroaching gullet muscle grasping at your form. Her churrs resound within the maw's hollow as she leans over to watch the last of your face ease into the tight chute, impossibly powerful muscles puling you into an infathomable depth. "... just pleasure..." She nearly whispers out before pulling herself out of Rashiki's maw. You hear a soft pat on the beast's snout, the vixen letting whaledragon have his meal and darkness envelops you as those mighty jaws close before you.

Above written by Foshu~

A little giftaroo for the lovely foshu

In response to this lovely piece here:

Talk about fun to do, oh gosh This was a rather large piece, and took around 5 hours, but I couldn't be happier with the results. Hope Fosh likes it as well~

Mature for vore and booblies

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