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Hi, welcome to my Weasyl page.

For those who don't know me yet: My name is Chris, I'm a 2D animator and cartoon artist, running a small studio in Berlin, Germany. I am in touch with the fandom since the late 90ies, known by either this name to international folks, or just as "SewerRat" to those from the German part of the fandom.

On FurAffinity, you can find me at

My main field of interrest is in classic toon stuff, both sexy (mostly PinUp and playfull, fun-loving smut) or just funny (the Anvils and Dynamite kind of way). Some sum it up as "90ies Style Furry Art", strongly inspired by the work of Chuck Jones.

As being self-employed, I am unfortunately very busy most of the time (12 or 14 hours of work per day are common), so I am not much of a chat or art trade/request guy. I do offer commissions from time to time, though. But also due to my limited spare time, I can not offer them for the known "fandom prices", and may be regarded as kinda expensive, sometimes even combined with a ridiculously long waiting time, if the project is complicated. On the other hand, this means that I take every picture seriously (instead of just "working them off" to get the desk free), and mostly work very large (poster size, hand-inked). If you are in for that, be my guest!

Let me invite you to a tour through my gallery here, and if you like, let's stay in touch!





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    Dir Folge ich doch immer ;) Ich freue mich schon dich auf der EF wieder zu sehen.

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    Now I be following you here too ^_^

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      Hey thanks :)

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    Hey, Frazzle! It's me, Rupert! =3

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    YAY! Finally found you here! \o/ \o/

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      Hehe thanks!

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    You're very welcome.

    You have a sweet gallery, not sure if you take any commissions at all, but if you do, i would certainly be interested in commissioning you in the new year. :D

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      Thanks, feel free to contact me when you are up for it :)